During the current legislative session in Richmond, both houses enacted a mandate that schools across the state must accommodate transgender (TG) students’ preferences. Guidelines are being written for school systems to follow when implementing the mandate.

What essentially does this mean? TG males will be permitted to use female bath, shower and dressing rooms. Included in the original bill was another clause that allowed TG males to participate in female sports, but that was struck down. The same privileges will be given to female students who are crossing-over to male.

Soon, very soon, your children and grandchildren will encounter fellow students in their school whom they have known to be boys now entering and using girls’ facilities. The same applies for girls who identify as TG males.

If the TG student prefers to be addressed by a certain identifying pronoun such as ‘she’ or ‘her,’ ‘he’ or ‘him,’ or even ‘they,’ and faculty and students do not comply, legal action can be taken against them. All this is being done with the reasoning that TG students must have rights just like everyone else does. However, in their case these allowances are really ‘special rights’. When TG students impose their ‘sexuality’ with bathroom rights, for instance, they force the rest of the student body to forfeit their own right to privacy for the sake of the few.

While the percent of students claiming to be TG is very low currently, it is likely to increase once the new laws of protection are put into action. The power of suggestion among youth is very strong.

What does full recognition of TG rights lead to? Ask Canadian, Rob Hoogland, father of a then 12 year old daughter ‘diagnosed’ as TG by the school counselor. Without his knowledge, the school staff picked out a new boy’s name for her and started treating her like a boy. Down the road she was advised by a therapist to begin testosterone therapy to initiate secondary male characteristics like a deepened voice and facial hair. When Hoogland withheld permission for the hormone treatment, a judge ordered that his daughter, by then 14, should start testosterone injections on her own prerogative, which she did

This case has been watched both in Canada and the US. It forebodes what can happen here in Virginia in the near future. Schools are encroaching more and more on parental rights in matters of their children’s sexual identities, and enforcing kids’ privacy rights when discussing gender issues, excluding parents from the discussion. Also, by overriding parental rights when moms and dads try to protect their children from such predatory imposition, they are ignored or threatened with legal action.

So, what will Hoogland and multitudes of other parents in like situations do a few years down the road? When their TG kids come to them disillusioned with their gender switch and accuse their parents of not intervening when it all started, it will be too late to reverse surgical removal of breasts, voice changes, facial hair that continues to grow, and sterility—no children, no grandchildren!

TGism isn’t all it’s purported to be! In a subsequent article, we’ll discuss the story of one such female and her road down the male TG identity route with its consequences. Stay tuned!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance


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