When a woman considers having an abortion, she often thinks what is growing inside of her is a blob of cells or tissue. Somehow, the word “fetus” makes it not seem like a baby at all. It’s easier to have an abortion that way.

But often when that same woman is shown an ultrasound of the baby developing within her uterus, she has a change of heart and opinion. She chooses not to go through with the abortion after all. A life is spared!

Planned Parenthood does not like that option. Every abortion means dollars in their coffers and baby parts that can and will be used to make cosmetics, vaccines, and who knows what? There’s money in the sale of baby organs and tissues. So Planned Parenthood certainly opposes mandatory showing of the ultrasound to the pregnant ‘customer.’ She might change her mind!

It’s a known fact that Planned Parenthood pours big bucks into the campaigns of politicians who will support PP’s agenda and promote “women’s health” options that include abortion. We saw that happen in Richmond earlier this year when legislators overturned the laws and policies that required ultrasound presentation to women contemplating an abortion.

Now in Virginia it’s no longer a law to show women an ultrasound. That will help up the number of abortions performed in our fair state! Legislators also made it legal for nurse practitioners to perform abortions, an invasive procedure previously done only by physicians. With the law open to others performing abortions, no telling how long it will be before it’s legal for almost anyone to perform an abortion.

Abortions ought to be performed using sterile instruments in an operating room well-disinfected between patients. But the legislature also struck down the rules mandating proper cleaning and hygiene in abortion suites. That opens the door to infection, a sad outcome for getting rid of a living human being, too. Past inspections of ‘abortion clinics’ have found unsavory conditions that endanger the welfare of the patient; her baby is already endangered!!

So, during this time of quarantine with more time to think about the future, carefully consider who you will vote for in the primaries and national election on November 5. Our nation’s integrity is in the crosshairs of those who want to overthrow decency, moral values and God, in particular. They hate religion and want to destroy Christianity.

Walmart is selling out of Bibles! People are looking for answers from God, because the coronavirus has brought us to our knees as a nation. Let us repent of our laxity in allowing the awful atrocity of abortion to continue, vote for candidates who will reverse the downward trend, and ask God for His mercy on our country. It’s not too late!

Check out the National Prolife Alliance. Here on their Facebook page is what they say about showing a pregnant woman considering abortion an ultrasound scan of her unborn baby = >

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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17 Responses to IT’S NOT TOO LATE!

  1. Melissa Zelniker-Presser says:

    Thankful that people have time now to re-evaluate their decisions!

  2. ColorStorm says:

    What you rarely hear Tom when people cry ‘it’s her body/ let her do what she wants,’ is the FACT that there is another party involved, ie, the male etc, who may actually want the living to continue Outside the womb.

    So no, she has no more right to cry ‘ I can abort!’ than a man has the right to claim he made the moon.

    • Tom Salmon says:


      I don’t know all the things that motivates women to abort a child in their womb, but I suspect in most such cases the man doesn’t want the child. In fact, I doubt the man is usually married to the woman.

      The path that leads to an abortion begins in irresponsibility and climaxes in murder. The murderers just deny the perpetration of crime and claim they are protecting the women, that the baby is just a “fetus”, not human, a clump of cells.

      Hence, I blame the man, the ought to be husband and father as much as I blame the woman.

      Meanwhile, most of us do nothing. We pretend nothing is happening, or worse. We pretend the abortion is the responsible decision.

      • ColorStorm says:

        I don’t know Tom: takes 2 to tango. Maybe the male would opt for adoption? Gee now there’s an idea. Who knew?

        But where are the brains of a female who would intentionally abort that which may have more right to life than her.

  3. I just pray that one day, we will learn to embrace the life of the unborn—as they are equally a part of this thing that we all call life—it’s not an exclusive club that they can’t join.
    I agree with CS in that there is a party involved that no one seems to recognize or wish to recognize.
    Keep fighting the fight, Tom!!! As I’ll continue sounding the alarm here in Georgia!

  4. sklyjd says:

    Just remember there are many lives outside of the womb that are far more important. About 3.1 million children who are already born as a living being and having breathed a living breath as written in Genesis will die in agony from hunger and the lack of medications. I recon you should sort that one out first.

    • Tom Salmon says:


      Genesis 1:20 Good News Translation (GNT)
      20 Then God commanded, “Let the water be filled with many kinds of living beings, and let the air be filled with birds.”

      Breath is evidence of life, not the beginning of life.

      The USA is a wealthy nation. Are we suppose to ignore mothers killing their babies — mothers who are our neighbors — because somewhere some place some child lacks food or medication?

  5. sklyjd says:

    That is exactly my point when you say somewhere, someplace children are dying without food or medication. These are living breathing children who we and our wealthy nations cannot keep alive so what makes you think trying to stop abortions is more godly and more important?

    • Tom Salmon says:


      What makes you think we can only do one or the other? To justify abortion, you have created a false dilemma. It is as silly as demanding policemen must stop issuing speeding tickets because somewhere some place someone is guilty of reckless driving.

      • sklyjd says:

        I am not an outright supporter of abortion because it is open to abuse, however I do support the rights of women and families to decide, particularly in cases where the child will be born with major biological defects or the mothers life is at risk.

        The reality is that abortion is not suddenly going to close down, women will be finding underground providers or using the primitive systems used over many centuries and still used in some places.

        It is also true we will never suddenly close down the hunger and disease problems of impoverished children, however it is a more benevolent and a rewarding outcome considering these children were born to parents who actually wanted these children.

        Maybe I am wrong and is it likely many of these children are unwanted and expected to die by the parents, however I am sure they would have a primitive abortive option available if required so I doubt that is the case.

        • Tom Salmon says:


          You are still posing a false dilemma. Now, in addition, you are just confusing the fact you support a woman’s right to choose with abortion being okay. You just don’t support abuses, whatever these abuses might be.

          • sklyjd says:

            That is correct, abuse is when the woman simply decides for no good reason to abort the child such as forgetting to use birth control methods, to punish the father, changed her mind, or the result of a drunken fling in the night or some other pathetic reasoning. I do agree if there is a history of child abuse, drug taking and criminal activity by the mother and in fact an abortion should be enforced or the child to be removed at birth if the woman is convicted for such behaviour on a regular basis.

            Of course if a woman’s life is at danger during pregnancy or the child is will be born with chronic health problems including the results of rape, abortion can be the only answer.

          • Tom Salmon says:


            Look at what this post is about, showing a pregnant woman an ultrasound of the baby inside her. Then consider how you are reacting.

            I think abortion is murder. I also accept the fact that we cannot always prohibit an evil act. We have practical limitations. We cannot enforce a law unless most people (the vast majority) believe that law is good.

            Requiring an ultrasound, however, benefits the mother. It is a little late to come to the realization that you feel guilty about aborting your child after you have already done it.

  6. I recently wrote a blog to let women, considering abortion, be informed as to what God says about it. I think the god of this world has blinded their eyes with terms such as fetus, abortion and clump….I mean seriously? That is not what the Bible says.

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