As we cautioned in articles posted before the November 2019 elections, transgenderism is a major plank of the LGBTQ agenda. Voters needed to be clear on positions candidates took on matters concerning sexual orientation and sex education in the public schools.

Once the 2020 legislative session began in Richmond, 50 or more bills were introduced that promoted the LGBTQ agenda and many were enacted into law. According to The Family Foundation (, 2020 Legislative Summary PART 5: Religious Freedom), several of those bills pose the greatest threat to our religious freedom in Virginia.

SB 868 is the primary legislation that makes illegal ANY distinction based on sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI). The bill is aimed directly at religious organizations and people. While it prohibits any discrimination against SOGI, it includes public accommodations, public and private employment and housing. While the Family Foundation tried to add exemptions for religious organizations like churches, schools and non-profit ministries, they did not succeed. That means, for one, that hiring employees may not be limited to persons who follow the beliefs of that religious group or organization. Undoubtedly, many law suits will result as outcomes of this law.

Two bills, HB 386 and SB 245, make it illegal for licensed counselors and therapists to help youth troubled by confusion over their gender identity or same-sex attraction. Obviously, now parents have no one to whom they may take their child, no matter how much even that child wants help. Parental rights have been pulled out from under them! Counselors are permitted only to help SOGI students embrace their chosen gender or chosen sexual identity. Do you think the youth suicide rate, already very high, will sky-rocket?

A third set of bills, HB 145 and SB 161, requires the Department of Education to develop policies to accommodate transgender students in elementary and secondary schools. Those include bathroom and locker room use, dress codes, pronoun use, and sex-specific school activities. The bills do NOT include the participation of male-to-female transgender students in girls’ sports.

Let it be clear. The SOGI move is a direct thrust against religion in any form. Either religious persons waive their beliefs or face legal action against them. To silence the religious is to remove our freedom. It’s too soon for us to taste the implementation of these laws—YET—but be prepared, for that is coming, and coming soon!

Parents, because of COVID-19 you have been given this time of quarantine to spend with your children. Teach them the truths of God’s word concerning morality and purity. Teach them well what goodness looks like. Show them the difference between compassion and embracing beliefs that are contrary to the Bible. Let your home be the model of marriage and sexual purity for your children to follow. Open channels of communication between you and your kids, so they feel free to share with you what troubles them without recrimination.

Take advantage of the time given you. Prepare for what lies ahead. Be ready!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance


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