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Why is a sonogram important before a woman has an abortion? Why is it that Virginia’s own delegates and senate thought it necessary to legislate it out of Virginia’s laws last winter?

Advocates of abortion admit that ultrasound technology and its ability to clearly show the tiny human baby developing within the mother has put an obstacle in their agenda. When a mother-to-be sees that her baby is NOT a blob of tissue or a non-descript bit of something growing in her uterus, she will likely reject the abortion and carry her baby to term. That equals a live baby and the loss of income and fetal parts to sell for the abortionist.

Money is at the root of it (note, we did not say ‘heart’…abortion has no heart!). Abortion is a huge industry that takes advantage of young women’s vulnerability to cut a huge profit. Abortion clinics exist not for the health of the mother, but for the health of their pocketbooks. However, there is more to the abortion business than money. Think of this scenario, as well:

In the United States alone over 51 million babies have been aborted since Roe v. Wade in 1973. Had they been allowed to live, those babies could have become scientists, educators, physicians and nurses, researchers and ministers—and parents! Of how many more million children? Ouch!

One of the goals of abortion extremists is to reduce the world population through the practice of eugenics. It would be difficult for the elite to control the numbers of people currently inhabiting the world. Abortion targets that reduction at its core. We know from the history of Planned Parenthood that its original name in 1921 was the American Birth Control League and its aim was to reduce the African-American segment of the population.  Margaret Sanger, the ‘mother’ of Planned Parenthood, made that goal very clear:

On the racial dimension, Linda Gordon quotes from a letter written by Margaret Sanger to Clarence Gamble on October 19, 1939: ‘We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out the idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members — (Linda Gordon, Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right (New York: Grossman Pub., 1976), pp. 223,332-333).

Many years prior, Sanger said, ‘Whether or not the white races will be ultimately wiped off the face of the earth depends, to my mind, largely upon the conduct and behavior of the white people themselves — (Raymond Pierpoint, Editor, Report of the Fifth International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference (London: William Heinemann [Medical Books] Ltd., 1922), pp. 31,199). Quoted from Margaret Sanger and the Racist Roots of Planned Parenthood.

So, control of the world population is the over-arching motive of abortionists. That’s why they’re willing to lobby for the legalization of over-the-counter chemical abortion. Its convenience and secrecy appeals to pregnant, desperate women. And when they manage their own abortion, the world’s population is reduced by one human being each time they take abortion pills and flush away the remains!

To conclude these articles about chemical abortion, let’s end on a more positive note. According to Heartbeat International’s Abortion Pill Rescue Network, the number of women that attempted to reverse the effects of abortion pills to save their babies’ lives doubled in March and April, 2020 from previous monthly averages (PRAISE: MORE WOMEN ATTEMPTING TO REVERSE ABORTION PILL).

“In 2019, we averaged about 51 reversal starts each month,” said Christa Brown, a director at Heartbeat. “In March, there were 108, and in April there were 104.” Many of those calls are made from abortion business’ parking lots right after the woman takes the first pill, mifepristone or Mifeprex. “We’re seeing that about 80 percent of our callers [during the pandemic] actually start reversal. It used to be about 50 percent.”

The heightened use of the abortion pill stems from financial stress and fear from the limited access women have to surgical abortion under COVID closures and social isolation. Or, in some cases, parents of an under-age daughter do not want the stigma of their daughter’s pregnancy to ruin her academic progress or social life—or their lives as potential grandparents who will have to help raise the child. Women can obtain abortion pills illegally on-line. The pills are delivered to their homes without any preliminary ultrasound or guidance from a physician.

Women doing ‘it’ alone face the possibility of hemorrhage, infection, incomplete expulsion of the pregnancy and other complications. In the end those women will need medical or surgical care, often hospitalization, that will absorb personnel and protective equipment dedicated to the care of COVID patients.

With more women changing their minds about chemical abortion even after they have begun that journey, more babies have been preserved and more women have been spared the ravages of depression and guilt that plague the victims of abortion.

One more issue remains in this scenario of abortion’s consequences. That addresses Roe v. Wade and will appear soon!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

Note: Often the greatest deceit is not telling the whole truth. Thus, the so-called mainstream media tells us about Margaret Sanger’s pioneering work in family planning, but except for “fact checking” says nothing about her connections to the eugenics movement.  Therefore, we have to do a bit of research. Here are several additional articles that provide references.

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