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This is another article not original in content, but borrowed from a Family Research Council mailing that just arrived (May 20, 2020). Their clarification of words and the meaning behind them is too valuable not to pass on to our readers, so here it is:

What the Left says: What they really mean:
Comprehensive Health Care Insurance companies will be mandated to Fund gender “transition” surgeries, hormone therapy, and abortion.
Comprehensive Sex-Education It’s not standard “birds and bees” talk! Starting in kindergarten, children must be taught to question their biological sex and to experiment in sexually-deviant behavior.
Equality Act/Fairness for All Act Religious liberty will not be treated equally and fairly. Women and children will be forced to share restrooms and locker rooms with biological males, taxpayers will fund abortions, and protections for religious freedom will be eliminated.
Freedom of Worship The exercise of your faith must stay within within the four walls of a congregation, with no discussion of Judeo-Christian values allowed in the public square.
Hate Speech Anything that conflicts with the progressive/liberal worldview will be silenced.
Inclusion/Tolerance Everyone must embrace and celebrate the LGBT lifestyle…or face the consequences.
Income Equality Rather than equal opportunity, the Left wants to redistribute wealth as they deem best—penalizing hard work and stunting economic growth.
Overpopulation Instead of seeing humans as able to find creative solutions for environmental issues, the Left believes population control and abortion are essential for the future.
Pro-Choice The Left supports the right to choose abortion and only abortion—even challenging laws to inform women with medically accurate information on an unborn baby’s development.
Reproductive Health Abortion on-demand, until the day of birth…and paid for by you, the taxpayer.
Safe Space “Safe” only for liberal and progressive views. Any expression of a biblical worldview is dangerous.
Separation of Church and State The Left wants to keep you from living out your faith in the public square, even though  the Founders meant for the church to be protected from interference by the government.

The next time you watch a newscast or hear a politician push his or her views, listen for these catch phrases and translate them appropriately.

We’re coming close to the June primary. Between now and then, investigate candidates’ stands on issues and make sure you vote for those who stand for the Constitution and freedom. Keep in mind politicians currently in office at local, state and national levels and what they’re voting for. If you don’t like what you see, consider running for office yourself or of tapping the shoulder of a citizen who would represent your views…maybe they just need a nudge to toss their hat in the ring next year!

What kind of legacy will you leave your kids or grandchildren?

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

Getting ready to participate in the nomination of candidates for the Republican Party’s nomination. Check out:

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