Once of the consequences of a mass media that largely focuses on propagandizing us is that we have a difficult time finding out about governmental excesses. Here is an example. Did you know about the VA PRO-LIFE SIDEWALK COUNSELOR CHARGED WITH ‘CRIMINAL OFFENSE’ last month? Had you heard about the VICTORY: CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST PRO-LIFE MINISTRY DROPPED!?

Check out the posts at The Family Foundation that describe these events.

We are thrilled to announce that the baseless criminal charge against Cheri Britt, who was cited by police for exercising her free speech and ministering to women on a public sidewalk near Planned Parenthood, has been dropped!

Last month we told you about how Cheri Britt, the Director of Hope 4 Life, was issued a criminal citation by Virginia Beach police officers after receiving a complaint from Planned Parenthood for simply ministering to women entering the facility.  Britt was standing on a public sidewalk near her mobile ultrasound RV—where she offers women free ultrasounds and baby supplies – just as she has done most days for years. (continued here (familyfoundation.org))

Make sure you also sign up for the MONDAY, JUNE 1ST, DURING OUR SIMULCAST EVENT “REDEEMING THE CRISIS”. Hear David Benham, who was arrested for praying in front of an abortion clinic while maintaining proper social-distancing, tell his story (SIGN UP HERE (familyfoundation.org/)).

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