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What audacity! Planned Parenthood (PP) has declared assets of $2.2 billion. It’s not hurting financially. In fact, PP freely funds liberal political candidates who support their business.

Further, they were declared exempt from or defied mandatory stoppage of elective surgeries exerted on all hospitals during the height of the COVID-19 quarantine.

How brazen is that?! PP was raking in the money as they continued to perform abortions on a daily basis, even failing to observe CDC regulations for social isolation. Yet, PP dared to steal money from the pockets of business owners who observed the mandatory closure and had to meet payrolls!

During the time when businesses are/were shuttered and small business owners struggled to survive without incomes, PP clinics claimed the same status as small business and claimed $80 million from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) intended for small business owners trying to survive.

PP was totally ineligible for PPP dollars available under the CARES Act, but its affiliates claimed the money anyway. That means that tax payers were paying salaries of abortionists directly!

While attempts are in process to get the money back from PP, it will not be easy. Small Business Administration offices and banks that should have prevented the disbursements are not going to be forthcoming about who cheated US, you and me, taxpayers!

Be sure before you vote next time around that you know what candidates stand for and who is behind them, paying their bills and covering the cost of their media splashes! Be informed. Share what you find with other voters. The only way we can prevent this happening again is to elect candidates who are conservative and pro-life!

Source: ‘Poor’ Planned Parenthood? Hardly. ( Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) spoke with Tony Perkins on “Washington Update”.

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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