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When our Richmond lawmakers met this past winter, they managed to enact laws that did away with protection for pregnant women having abortions and for their unborn children.

And those laws were ‘justified’ under the guise of “women’s health.”

So, now abortion centers do not need to meet the Public Health standards of medical facilities; women do not need to see the ultrasound of their baby with a 24-hour waiting period before the abortion takes place; women can have an abortion up to the moment of delivery, thus delivering a viable infant that is put to death by the abortionist if that’s what the mother prefers.

Even during the COVID-19 shut-down of hospitals for elective cases, abortion centers were deemed ‘essential’ health care and remained open in many states. They did not follow CDC social isolation practices and when abortionists perforated a woman’s uterus or she had excessive bleeding, they rushed her to a hospital as an emergency, using staff energy and precious protective gear desperately needed for the care of COVID patients.

Furthermore, during this current crisis, abortion activists have pushed chemical abortion, wanting to make it available as an OTC, do-it-yourself kind of procedure women carry out in the privacy of their own homes without medical intervention. Currently, many women obtain the drugs on-line without a prescription from a doctor.

The next rung of the ladder down into the amoral morass here at home is to pass a Right-to-Abortion Amendment to the Virginia Constitution. While it’s being clothed in “personal reproductive freedom” terminology, the real effort is to make abortion a legal right paid for by taxpayers absolutely opposed to it.

The amendment, if passed:

  1. will grant abortion-on-demand through the entire nine months.
  2. will remove the ban on Partial-Birth abortion.
  3. will drive taxpayer funding of abortion sky-high!
  4. Will NEVER AGAIN allow any pro-life laws to be enacted!! NEVER AGAIN!

With no ‘fences’ in place on who may have an abortion, the amendment

  1. will make our minor/teen girls vulnerable to abortion by unscrupulous abortionists and advocates.

For more information about this dire danger, please visit www.vshl.org (Virginia Society for Human Life web site). We can’t afford to relax for a minute, folks! Too much is at stake and time is drawing short! Get involved TODAY!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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