What is there about abortion that draws pregnant women in? Why have so many infants lost their lives to an abortionist’s tools?

1. Fear is perhaps the most driving force:
Fear or shame of being pregnant .
Fear of trying to raise a child alone.
Fear of parents’ wrath or even rejection.
Fear they’ll lose their boyfriend or husband if they carry the pregnancy to term.

2. Inconvenience of being pregnant:
Inconvenience because of school or career.
Inconvenience because pregnancy itself interferes with wild lifestyle.
Inconvenience of raising a child who will hamper the mother’s lifestyle or career.
Inconvenience because of physical changes that will alter mother’s ‘beauty.’

3. Expense at all levels:
Cannot afford birthing costs; abortion is cheaper.
Cannot afford to raise a child and work.
Cannot afford to go to school and pay a babysitter.
Cannot afford a larger living space to accommodate a baby.

4. Ignorance about abortion and its results:
Not knowing the baby within them is more than just a blob, cells, tissue or an ‘it.’
Not knowing there are lasting effects like depression that follow an abortion.
Not knowing that frequently a woman cannot become pregnant again after an abortion.
Not knowing that abortion is murder and God hates murder.
Not knowing that God loves and will forgive the mother.
Not knowing that God will help the mom raise her child if she will carry it to term.

Abortionists use any or all of the above reasons to coerce and move pregnant women to have an abortion. Their concern is not for the frightened, often ‘cornered’ or desperate woman, but for their own pocket book…their own bottom line. They play on women’s fears and ignorance to get them up on the surgical table. Once there, it’s nearly impossible for the girl or woman to change her mind and win (Martin Fox, martin.fox@prolifealliance.org, National Pro-Life Alliance, “Killing the truth,” June 18, 2020).

Abortion is a business that preys on vulnerable, pregnant young women to their detriment. While there still is time, please go to https://vshl.org/petition-to-stop-the-pro-abortion-amendment-to-the-virginia-constitution and sign the petition to stop the Virginia Right-To-Abortion amendment to Virginia’s constitution. Once that amendment is ratified, it will be impossible to introduce any more legislation to ban abortion or to enact protections for the mother and her unborn child. Please act today and sign!! Thank you!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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