Well, we just passed through the calm before the storm! July 1 opened the door to the new legislation enacted in Richmond during the winter session. After much hard work to enact them, pro-life laws that were on the books for years are now history.

Here is a list of those requirement rejections:

  1. Women will not be given full information before they have an abortion.
  2. They will NOT have opportunity to view an ultrasound of their baby before the abortion.
  3. Abortionists are no longer required to give the mother documents from the Department of Health about risks of abortion, fetal development or her legal rights if she is in danger.
  4. The mother will not be given 24 hours to consider her decision to have an abortion: she will have no waiting period in which to change her mind .
  5. Non-physician nurse practitioners (who may or not have a ‘doctor’s degree in nursing’) will be allowed to perform abortions. Nurses are not surgeons!
  6. All clinic regulations no longer apply to abortion facilities! Those deal with hygiene and cleanliness, equipment, methods of management, etc.

Where is this new lack of structure and protection leading?

As we wrote before, chemical abortion is being promoted more frequently. The side effects can be horrendous, but, as is obvious, concern for the welfare of the woman in not an issue for legislators whose political campaigns received large sums of money from Planned Parenthood and other liberal groups.

Already physician abortionists across the country have long lists of botched abortions and put mothers’ lives and health at risk daily. In some cases, women have died as a direct result. With nurses, non-physicians, performing abortions, that number will rise.

According to Olivia Gans Turner (, “Bad Day for Virginia’s Women and Children”, July 1, 2020), the greatest threat to women and their unborn babies who are considering abortion is the proposed Constitutional amendment termed “reproductive liberty.” If it is passed in the next legislative round, it will prevent any pro-life law from being passed in Virginia again. What a pandora’s box that will open! Think about whose lives will be threatened next: the elderly, developmentally disabled, terminally ill??!

This web site is a vehicle for urging voters to cast ballots for conservative candidates. But it also is a rostrum for alerting readers to pray as you’ve never prayed in your life. Ask God to intervene. He hates murder—and that’s what abortion is. The Sixth Commandment says, “Thou shalt not kill.” Our nation must turn back to God or suffer the consequences if we don’t!

Join a prayer movement and participate actively. Perhaps your church or denomination is sponsoring one. Intercessors for America ( and Bishop Jackson ( are just two of many organizations mobilizing pray-ers! Unite714 ( is another. Pray with your family. Regardless of what setting you choose, let your prayers be heard at this crucial time in our national history!

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— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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