It is a great idea in theory. We elected some nice people to run our schools. We give the people we elect some money — uhh, lots of money. Our elected leaders then do exactly what we want.

  • They hire great teachers, and those teachers prepare wonderful lessons.
  • They build beautiful, spacious, safe, clean schools.
  • They get our children to those schools in safe, comfortable, and clean school buses.
  • They prepare our children to be virtuous and competent good citizens who can live productive lives in service to our Lord.

Well, as it turns out, our elected leaders never seem to do exactly what we want. Once we give them our tax dollars, they seem to have their own ideas.

For example, the Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS, won’t be reopening this fall.

During its July 14 Special Meeting, the School Board of the City of Manassas approved a 100%, full distance learning opening for the 2020-2021 school year. The Board will review the status of community health data monthly, with a goal to return to some form of in-person learning when it is deemed safe to do so. ( from here (

What does that mean? Can you imagine a first grader sitting in front of a laptop and trying to do full distance learning?

For what it is worth, here are a few news stories.

Don’t believe the hysterical news media. Do some serious research on your own. Most likely MCPS will reopen some time after the election in November 2020, which is absurd.  The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is dangerous to the elderly, but it doesn’t have much effect on children. The flu is more dangerous to them. That’s why the schools in Europe are open. Keeping our schools closed is all about partisan politics, not science.

What will the Prince William County Schools ( do? We will learn for certain at the School Board Meeting this evening, Preparing for the 2020-21 School Year (

Check out some news stories.

Consider that the School Board meets this evening => School Board Agendas. Figure out what you want, and then contact your school board member (contact info here (


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  1. Rudy U Martinka says:

    I wonder if their decision would be the same if the decision included no pay or reduced pay for teachers.
    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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