There are only four main variants of Homo sapiens, within each group are subraces and several mixtures within the genetic makeup of humans (from here (

Every time the Trump administration says something, especially President Trump himself, the fact checkers come out of the woodwork. Therefore, we have to figure out the truth for ourselves. Is this true, Remarks by President Trump on Rolling Back Regulations to Help All Americans and President Trump’s Regulatory Relief Helps All Americans (

Is regulatory relief even a good idea? Why do we have so many laws and regulations? What is the purpose of government? Do we have laws and regulations to protect each other’s rights or to achieve some kind of perfect world?

If we are just trying to protect each other’s rights, then we are just trying to prohibit people from interfering in other people’s lives. That’s why we outlaw murder and theft. However, there is more to it than that. Sometimes we interfere in each others lives less deliberately. For example, we don’t want factories dumping their waste products into streams and polluting the water. We don’t even want people releasing their fecal wastes into the water. That’s why we require every building to be hooked up to some kind of sewage treatment system.

Yet we recognize there are difficult tradeoffs. So, we argue about the pollution issues associated with fracking, whether carbon dioxide is a pollutant, whether solar and wind power make economic sense, how much land to set aside for nature preserves, the environmental costs of pesticides, and so forth. How pristine — free of manmade pollution — do we want our world to be? When do we cross an unseen line? When do stop protecting protecting our neighbors and begin trying to create a Utopian fantasy world, the world that supposedly existed before the advent of mankind?

Thus far we have discussed only environmental regulations. Why? That’s what the Trump administration has mostly focused upon thus far, but there are many other types of regulations. In his remarks, Trump mentioned telemedicine. Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Trump administration eliminated some of the regulations that made telemedicine difficult. However, the cost of the regulations associated with race hustling may be far more significant.

Is the economic cost a huge cost? Not exactly.

U.S. companies spend around $8 billion annually on diversity training. And one in four hiring decision makers (28%) are optimistic that they will make more progress towards achieving their diversity and inclusion goals in the next year, according to a survey from job review website Glassdoor. What’s more, 10% of hiring managers believe employees will actually leave their company in the next 12 months as a result of no diversity and inclusion programs, according to the same survey. (from here (

$8 billion is not chickenfeed, but it is small compared to the size of the U.S. economy. The issue is more straightforward. Why would businesses bother? Well, everyone knows.

Businesses started caring a lot more about diversity after a series of high-profile lawsuits rocked the financial industry. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Morgan Stanley shelled out $54 million—and Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch more than $100 million each—to settle sex discrimination claims. In 2007, Morgan was back at the table, facing a new class action, which cost the company $46 million. In 2013, Bank of America Merrill Lynch settled a race discrimination suit for $160 million. Cases like these brought Merrill’s total 15-year payout to nearly half a billion dollars. (continued here (

Oddly that article suggested that diversity training was, ironically, making the problem worse. Why? Well, consider Race hustlers take ‘diversity’ scam to new levels by enforcing leftist agenda ( Here is an excerpt.

The current onslaught of racial mania is moving America farther and farther away from Martin Luther King’s dream of a nation where people are judged by their character, not their skin color. Decades of gains against discrimination and racial reconciliation are being thrown away. This is no accident. Focusing on race instead of our common humanity drives people into identity groups, a crucial stage in the Marxist revolution to radically transform America. (from here (

Except for the riots in our nation’s streets and anti-police hysteria, we could argue that that column is a bit hysterical. However, we do have riots and anti-police hysteria. We also have blatant racism where we should not expect to find anything of the sort, in our nation’s national museums, African American History Museum Publishes Graphic Linking ‘Rational Linear Thinking,’ ‘Nuclear Family’ to White Culture (

The National Museum of African American History and Culture has published a graphic on its website that suggests concepts such as “rational linear thinking,” the “nuclear family,” and an emphasis on “hard work” are specific to “white culture.”

The article, titled “Talking About Race,” delves into white privilege and “the way that white people, their customs, culture, and beliefs operate as the standard by which all other groups” are “compared.”

“Whiteness and the normalization of white racial identity throughout America’s history have created a culture where nonwhite persons are seen as inferior or abnormal,” the article reads.

The accompanying graphic describes “white culture” as adopting certain aspects and assumptions, such a “work before play” attitude and the belief that “hard work is the key to success.” The “nuclear family,” described as a mother, father, and 2.3 children, is the “ideal social unit” embraced by white culture, the graphic says. (continued here (

As we observed in SIN AND THE POLITICS OF RACISM, the racial differences between human beings do not amount to anything. So, racial discrimination is stupid, and bad business. A company that discriminates based upon race, sex, or creed threatens its own bottom-line; it punishes itself when it refuses to hire the best employees and turns away customers.

So, why do we need social diversity training? Why do we have government agencies that are actively promoting racism? Well, it is the same problem we have with environmental regulations. Sometimes, instead of just trying to protect each other’s rights we cross a line. We start trying to create some kind of Utopian fantasy world. Our efforts to achieve absurd fantasies may make a few people richer and more powerful, but the wasted effort and the violation of our rights just makes the rest of us more miserable.

So, where does this nonsense start? Look at some webpages on the Prince William County Schools ( website. Google diversity, and you will get about 5,810 results (0.34 seconds). Here are some of the more current webpages

The point is that our schools are obsessed with race and multiculturalism. They are supposed to be teaching children to learn and think about what is important. Skin color isn’t important; it is skin deep. Multiculturalism is a meaningless goal. What matters is the best ideas.

Be egalitarian regarding persons. Be elitist regarding ideas. — Peter Kreeft of Boston College (from here)

Why would you include the following paragraph on this webpage, PWCS will continue to provide updates on coronavirus (

It is important to note this virus does not discriminate based on nationality or ethnicity. We are proud of our diverse School Division and community, and we are certain that everyone will continue to support one another during this period of uncertainty. As always, we expect our students and staff to provide a welcoming environment for every student, family, and staff member.

Unless our schools are trying to teach our children to obsess over their differences in race, sex and creed, what is the point? If the virus doesn’t discriminate, then how is it relevant?

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