Our public school system effectively gives teachers unions monopoly control of the education of our children. That’s why even when the schools are closed those teachers still get paid. Government owned and operated schools don’t have any competitors. Moreover, some unscrupulous politicians even make it easy for public employee unions to finance political campaigns. Therefore, few politicians want to antagonize government employee unions.

Thus, we have these stories.

The members of the teachers union in Fairfax County had to fight a little bit to get their way. They had to demonstrate, and I must admit I thought the demonstration clever. The wjla.com article provides a video (see the second video in the article above). The teachers managed to make lots of noise, wave their signs, and make their demands without even getting out of their cars. With the hot weather, what kind of snowflakes would want to do that? Of course, they were pleased with themselves, Fairfax Education Association Rally Today was Effective (fairfaxea.org).

Still, the teachers union in Fairfax County, VA is still being more reasonable than one in Los Angeles, CA. That LA teachers union wants to run the whole country. Seriously! Consider these articles.

Frankly, I was astonished by the audacity of the members of that LA teachers union. So, I looked up their political manifesto, The Same Storm, but Different Boats:
The Safe and Equitable Conditions for Starting LAUSD in 2020-21 (UTLA  July 2020) (utla.net). Section III lists all their outrageous demands. The rest? Well, who knew the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) contained so much medical and social engineering expertise? Not only are they ready to run their own lives, they can run everyone else’s lives too.

May God have pity on the children those LA teachers are indoctrinating with so much false ideology.

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