Public schools are paid for by the taxpayers and supposedly run for the benefit of children. In theory the public school system exists to properly educate our children, but the system does not seem to be working. When the public school system fails children, who should we hold accountable?

Who is not accountable?

  • Should we hold politicians accountable? We fund our local schools with money from the Federal Government, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Prince William County. That puts four different committees in charge of our schools. That includes: Congress, Virginia’s General Assembly, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, and the Prince William County School Board. With four committees running our public schools, who is in control? Which people on which committees should we hold accountable?
  • Should we hold the news media accountable? Supposedly, the news media is supposed to hold the people who rule us accountable.  The news media is supposed to let us know what our rulers are doing so we have the information we need to vote for the best candidates and remove bad leaders from public office. However, the news media has become so rabidly partisan we cannot trust it. How do we hold the news media accountable? We don’t hire those people.
  • Should we hold special interest groups (organized political constituencies) accountable? To get elected and retain public office, candidates must gain the support of people willing to finance and support their campaigns. With respect to public education, special interests include teachers unions, builders, LGBTQ activists, Secularists, parent organizations, and so forth. There is a hodge podge of organizations, but the teachers unions are by far the most powerful. We don’t hire school administrators and  teachers. Politicians do. If we cannot hold politicians accountable how can we hold special interests accountable?
  • Should we hold judges accountable? Our judicial system has increasingly contributed to the secularization of the public school system and the legalization perverse beliefs related to marriage and sexual identity. If we cannot hold politicians accountable, how can we hold judges accountable?
  • Should we hold taxpayers accountable? All taxpayers do is pay the bill, and they don’t have a choice. So, why hold taxpayers accountable?
  • Should we hold parents accountable? We try hold parents accountable financially for things like child support and child abuse. However, parents have little power over the public school system. Therefore, unless parents send their children to a private school or home school, what would be the point?

Who is accountable?

Those of us who are eligible to vote. Voters have allowed politicians to create a system that disempowers parents and benefits special interests at the expense of children. As voters, we have an obligation to vote for politicians who support school choice. As voters we need to make parents responsible and accountable for how their children are educated.

How do we begin? With prayer. Because teachers unions do not consider their work essential, they are fighting reopening of the public schools? Therefore, consider what this article suggests, TEACHERS’ UNIONS PROTEST AND STRIKE–THE SILVER LINING (

The public schools here in Prince William County have yet to reopen. The science quite clear the Coronavirus (COVID19) is not a threat to children. Therefore, we need to support educator who consider their work essential, just like we support truckers, grocery store workers, doctors, nurses, policemen, and so forth. Therefore, let’s pray and think about the best way to do it. And let’s vote.

If we reopen the schools, will there be problems? Yes. Will some people get sick. Some people are always getting sick with some thing or another. Will some teachers refuse to work? Yes.

If we had private schools and let each other resolve these matters our own way, decide for ourselves how much risk we are willing to accept, most of us would soon be copying whatever seems to work best. As it is, we are arguing because some people insist upon the power to make everyone do the same thing. When it isn’t necessary to force everyone to do the same thing, that is an abuse of power. Abuses of power lead to otherwise unnecessary conflict.

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    While this post was written about a school district in VA, it equally applies to all districts in the US.

    Playing the “Blame Game” is not needed what is needed is change and accepting responsibility for a Good and Proper education of children. If the government wants to be involved in education it needs to accept the responsibility for that education.

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