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Here is another article about the crazy stuff going on in California. Why California? Lots of the people here want to copy what is going on in California.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As Senate Bill 145 sits on the desk of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the lawmaker who authored the legislation is defending it from online criticism.
State senator Scott Wiener says controversy over SB 145 is based on people’s misunderstanding of the bill and some lies about it. (continued here (abc10.com))

Is it easy to figure out what is going on in California? Apparently not, Conservatives have trouble. Supposedly, there is a massive plot to fool us.

The bill is the subject of a massive misinformation campaign by MAGA/QAnon. (continued here (abc10.com))

Did you know Conservatives are easily fooled, that we believe the dumbest things? That’s why the Liberal Democrat news media often responds with stories like this.

So, Conservatives have to be fact checked. First, Big Tech censors us. Then, if we get pass the censors, the Liberal media fact checks us. Instead of just reporting the news, Liberal reporters create a straw man, like MAGA/QAnon, and they set their straw man afire and roast marshmallows. See A California State Senator Introduced a Bill Pushing LGBTQ Equality—and a QAnon Mob Came for Him (motherjones.com) for a straightforward example.

Funny thing is that most Conservatives can’t tell you what QAnon (dictionary.com) stands for, but Liberal reporters know all about QAnon. Connecting QAnon with Trump through MAGA (Make America Great Again) says more about the bias of reporters than it says about President Donald Trump.

Other than the fake factchecking, did the Liberal media have much to say about this bill? No. What is in the Conservative media?

Keep in mind that California was once deservedly the pace setter for our nation. Now it is a mess.

  • The state is hugely in debt.
  • People are fleeing the state because of high taxes and increasing mismanagement.
  • The state government does not know how to restart the economy in the midst of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and lots of people are out of work.

So, what is the California state legislature worried about? Making life easier for pedophiles?  😫 If the issue is equality, why didn’t they just make life harder for “straight” pedophiles? Regardless of the gender they claim, who wants a 23 year old having sex with 14 year old adolescents? Why is the California state legislature so preoccupied with sex?

Is it any wonder California is a mess? Is that insanity what we want for Prince William County and Virginia?

Read the bill, SB 145, Wiener. Sex offenders: registration.  Judge the matter for yourself.


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3 Responses to TEMPEST IN A TEAPOT?

  1. Rudy U Martinka says:


    We have a similar voter referendum in Illinois. Our Democrat governor wants to change the law that required all State taxation percentage rates to be an equal to a graduated tax for people making over $250,000 a year income.

    What most voters will do is probably vote yes for the referendum not realizing that the amount of taxes collected will never be enough to cover the deficits especially after the exodus of high-income earners start moving to Florida as what is happening in the States of California and New York.

    What will occur is the State legislators will no longer be required by law to one standard tax rate for everyone. By voting yes, in my opinion, to adequately cover the deficits the legislators will later vote to lower the original $250,000 to a lower and lower amount which of course will include the middle-class taxpayers.

    The deceit of Illinois legislators use of referendums was demonstrated recently when the legalized marijuana referendum was first worded.

    “Do you approve the use of legalized marijuana be used to fund education?”

    After the legislators split up the funds, the amount allocated was less than 5 percent of the funds was allocated for education.

    A previous Republican governor who succeeded in raising the State tax rate equally among everyone also mandated measures to reduce government spending if the voters agreed.
    Illinois has the most government bodies in f all the States number around 7000 vs. The next highest of around 4000.

    In other words, good luck to your State if it is run by Democrats on obtaining facts based on both California and Illinois experiences.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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