Whenever we have a presidential election, the turnout is huge. This year, because the election has been contentious, the turnout is likely to be even larger than usual. So, lots of election officers will be needed to help. Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus (COVID -19), it is possible the polls will be difficult to staff. Mail-in voting may alleviate that problem somewhat, but the vote still has to be counted. Therefore, volunteers are needed. Good citizens need to volunteer to give lawful voters their ballots and to count their votes.

Is the outcome of this election important to you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors? Of course, it is. Don’t you want to make certain we have an honest count of the vote? Then volunteer. How? Check out Become an Election Officer (

The hours are long, but you can work near home, get paid, and you will receive all the training you need. So, you will know what you are doing. In addition, you will be helping to make sure our republic survives for the next generation.

Are you worried about COVID-19? The Prince William County Office of Elections will take every precaution, and they have already tested their procedures. Remember that Primary Election we had on June 23, 2020. No problems.

If it would be safe for you to work in a grocery store, it is safe for you to be an election officer. Of course, if you are especially concerned because you are elderly or you have health issues, then you should be more careful. Just remember to validate your registration and request an absentee ballot. In Virginia, all you have to do is ask. See for the deadlines and the procedures.


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