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The key Bible verse is one almost any Christian will recognize. However, the observation is still such a surprise it jerks one to attention. The result is a simple and straightforward argument for school choice.

Here is the beginning.

Ever have a ‘now if only’ thought entered your mind?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: After 6 months and 21 M free meals served, CPS not planning to let up, reported some reasons why school authorities decided that children learn better if they have food in their stomachs.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate ancient wisdom verses and the idiom thought to how school progressives managed to add food as an essential need in the lives of our children, and ‘now if only’…………?

If Only Idiom Meaning – Merriam Webster

—used to talk about something that one wants to happen or be true

King Solomon

Which yet my soul seeks…

What’s My Point?

What is CPS? Chicago Public Schools. They are feeding lots of children, apparently. Is that the key to education? Is putting food in our children’s stomachs all it takes to make them learn? Is filling the stomach the key to knowledge and wisdom?

Have we gotten to that surprise key Bible verse? No. That is further into Rudy’s post. Curious? Then check out Now “If Only?” King Solomon Blog (

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1 Response to Now “If Only?” King Solomon Blog — reblogged

  1. Rudy U Martinka says:


    Thanks for the re blog and kind words especially with your family alliance group.

    School choice or school vouchers has this year thanks to the Supreme Court decision, become a distinct and real possibility in our Nation’s horizon and sorely needed in my opinion.

    Sadly, some of the States that would benefit the most have Democrat leaders who do not support it mainly because they have never attended a private religious school to understand what a difference it could make especially in the poor poverty areas with high single parent families.

    Same as I experienced.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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