Here we have newborn baby on a scale (from here). Due to our sinful nature, however, the birth of many babies is aborted. Can you picture our Lord putting the United States on the scales of His justice?

The stage of United States society has given rise to the monster called anarchy and destruction of the fabric of our society as we know it. This demon usurped a worthy cause, racial justice, and uses it as a cover for absolute upheaval, even to harming and destroying the businesses and lives of the very people they purportedly represent, while doing nothing about preserving innocent lives!

God’s warning of judgment at 9/11, the economic downturn of 2009, the COVID-19 pandemic and now this major eruption of lawlessness in major cities should be pointing citizens to the reason we need to repent as a nation. It is the reason Israel went into Babylonian captivity thousands of years ago: murder of their children.

Since 1973 in America alone over 61 million babies have been brutally dismembered and suctioned from their mothers’ wombs. Abortionists have become rich on the surgical fees imposed on desperate pregnant women who believe they have no alternative. And God’s people have done little to nothing to reverse and decry this horrible sin!

Oh, I know. I was as misled as you were. I was told religion and politics don’t mix, so I stayed out of it, too, trying to elect lawmakers who stood for life and leaving the discussion to them. Apparently, that didn’t work, because abortions have become progressively more heinous, moving from ten weeks or less of the pregnancy to now full-term infants born alive and then allowed to die ‘comfortably’ because the mother does not wish to keep the child!

When abortion of a nine-month old viable baby became the next step in murder at our Virginia Statehouse, God told me I HAD to become involved and I did. Israel went into captivity largely because of her sacrificing of children to Molech ( — into the fire. They didn’t have abortion technology like we do today or they would have used it, most likely. So, I have no alternative: I go the way of LIFE.

Abortion shouldn’t be a political plank, but it has become one. Those who espouse LIFE and stand for the life of the unborn are the ones I will vote for. That’s not being political. That’s being obedient. That’s doing what God commands in His word, the Bible. He hates murder! He requires our obedience!! I put God first at the ballot box! I vote for LIFE!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

Do you want to vote ignorantly or with knowledge and understanding? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE CANDIDATES STAND? Then please read this post, DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE CANDIDATES STAND?. Are the questions that post lists important to you? Then please let the candidates know. Use the contact information in that post and let the candidates know you want them to answer our questionnaire.

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