Since I have been working as an Election Officer in Virginia (supporting in-person early voting), I have not posted as much as usual.

Please note I am supporting in-person early voting for a good reason (see Absentee and Early Voting ( If you want to be certain your vote is counted, there is no substitute for voting in-person. When we vote in person, we can see whether or not our vote is rejected, and we can try to do something about it. When vote through the mail, we don’t have that option, and some mistakes will cause the rejection of our ballot.

Virginia does have a law that requires us to be notified if our absentee ballot is rejected, § 24.2-711.1. Absentee ballots; confirmation of receipt; notice of reason for rejection ( Unfortunately, the deadline for notification is well AFTER the election.

As the result of the troubles with mail-in balloting during the primary elections, Democrats are now encouraging their voters to vote in-person.

Hopefully, this switch by the Democrats will limit the uncertainty about the election results on Election Day.

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