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Parents, keep watching your mailbox. Be sure you’re the one who collects and sorts it. Look for a postcard sent from the Virginia Department of Health in Richmond addressed to your child.

It’s an attractive, action-filled piece of artwork that encourages your teen to “exchange sex texts” with someone at the other end who is a perfect stranger to your child. The code for your teen to text is Talk2MEVA. That code will connect them with an unseen outsider to talk about STDs, sexuality, contraception, relationships and more—shouldn’t you as the parent be the one to do that? Regardless, there is no mention of you, the parent.

The Family Foundation ( is alarmed at this move by our state government to introduce another anonymous reporting system that violates privacy. It is just kicking off, so grab the postcard when it arrives and don’t tell your kids about it. Protect your kids and even your family from being exploited by this new innovation.

The Family Foundation has several actions you may take as a parent to counter this move on your child:

    1. Sign the petition to stop the Hotline for kids. Click here to sign and share.
    2. You can team with other concerned parents to shut down the Hotline. Text:
      • Talk2MeVa to the number 66746.
      • When it asks for your question, test this message and hashtag:Don’t Connect Our Kids To Strangers! #stopsextextline #strangerdanger
    3. Learn: How The Sex Textline Contradicts Everything We Teach Our Kids About Safety! For a complete discussion and visual about this thrust from Richmond, go to:

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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      We are reaching the point where the government will indoctrinate our children, and we are not allowed to say refuse the government’s “help”.

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