From the onset please understand that the contents of this article are gleaned from other sources. I have not watched CUTIES myself: I do not need to eat garbage to know it’s garbage. Other watchmen planted by God to cry out against this most awful film have warned in writing for us to heed.

In case you don’t already know it, Netflix has begun to air a move titled “Cuties.” It is described by one grandfather as “a display of pre-adolescent sexuality, and I don’t need to watch it in its entirety to know that.” He and his wife promptly canceled their Netflix subscription! The country of Turkey has already banned “Cuties”!!

Long before “Cuties” was actually produced, Netflix let it be known that the movie was in the works. Undoubtedly, the call for audition tapes from young girls in itself called attention to what Netflix was up to. Different organizations and individuals began petition movements to plead with Netflix to reconsider and not air such filth. Our voices were not heard.

The producers of “Cuties” spent six months watching nearly 700 pre-teen girls’ taped auditions of their sexual dances. Netflix went on to make the film and had the audacity to air it starting last month.

How do you use Netflix in your home? Do your children watch its programming? They’re the audience Netflix is aiming for, and the intriguing title is sure to pique your kids’ interest–to their insult and pollution!

“Cuties” is sexual exploitation of young girls. The spirit of abortion didn’t succeed in wiping out all girls before they were born. Now it’s bent on sapping their innocence and life by absolutely polluting their minds with scenes performed by adolescent and pre-adolescent “Cuties” actresses. Scenes display ‘twerking’, ‘humping’, ‘gyrating’, performance of stripperesque dance moves, ‘crotch grabs’, photos of genitalia, close-ups of the girls’ bodies and more.

Of course, “Cuties” has a story line to engage the interest of its viewers. The film description reads thus: “Eleven-year-old Amy starts to rebel against her conservative family’s traditions when she becomes fascinated with a free-spirited dance crew.” Shortly after Amy is accepted to the “Cuties” group, she is pressured to film the penis of a fellow classmate while he urinates in the boy’s bathroom. Closer to the end of the film, she is shown removing her pants and underwear to photograph between her legs, then uploads the image to a social media.

By employing little girls as actresses, the producers know young female viewers will copy and adopt those moves and actions into their routines, as well. Kids like idols. They’re copy-cats. Netflix knows that. The film is a form of sexual abuse. It is contaminating the minds and hearts of girls, primarily, so they become sex objects. That is criminal!!

The more girls become sexualized and believe that behavior is normal, the easier it is for predators to lure them into sex trafficking or pedophilia. Unfortunately, sex trafficking is alive and well in Prince William County. SkyWatch TV (www.skywatchTV.com), which has a ministry devoted to rehabbing kids rescued from sex trafficking, claims that trafficked kids are abused five or more times within each 24-hour period. No one wants to even think about such horrendous treatment of a child, theirs or anyone else’s.

If you subscribe to Netflix, discontinue your subscription immediately in protest. Money or lack thereof speaks loudly to the network!

Write an email yourself to Netflix demanding that “Cuties” be removed from the program offerings.

Please sign the petition at Enough is Enough (https://citizengo.org/en-us/182276-department-justice) that directs Netflix to discontinue “Cuties” on its network.

As an alternative to having Netflix, consider adding RedeemTV to your preferred sites for entertainment. It is a Christ-centered Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) platform that carries films you can be proud of on a donor-based solution: you make donations as God provides and you choose to partner with them. Sign up at: www.redeemTV.com. It’s as easy as that!

Thank you!


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— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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