A painting of Attila riding a pale horse, by French Romantic artist Eugène Delacroix (1798–1863) (from here (

During World War II, a Spanish professor, Plinio Correa de Oliveira, wrote “The Abortionist Mentality Descends from Hitler,” in which he analyzed the National Socialist regime’s mentality. He predicted that even after the fall of Hitler’s Third Reich, this Nazi mentality would continue. Calling it the Attila mentality, de Oliverira said one way it would manifest itself would be in the abortion mentality.

How right he was! Today, more forcibly than ever, pro-abortionists push their agenda under the guise of ‘women’s health’. Truly a lie, abortion has to do with the death of an unborn baby never given the chance to mature and take a single breath of air, much less exercise its rights as a human being. Abortion denies every aborted baby sacred life created in the image of God.

Attila was a leader among the Huns, a fierce, warring tribe of people that invaded Europe c. 370 and invaded country after country to conquer and plunder, encountering opposition from the Roman army. The Huns never were satisfied with their acquisitions, but always wanted more. How like today’s pro-choice advocates that this year in short order reversed Virginia laws that protected pregnant women considering abortion and made provisions for the unborn children they carried.

To quote de Oliveira:

Attila will not die, for Hitler is Attila, but Attila is not Hitler. Attila is the barbarism that appears in many quarters of the modern world. Attila is neither a man nor a people, but an idea, or rather, an anti-idea. It was Attila who organized in Germany, the concentration camps, the Ogdensburgen, the SS, and all the infamous apparatus of the Nazi party. It was he who tried to overthrow the altars of Christ to gather people to worship the sun in the recesses of the forests.

In Nazism, Attila showed his entire, bestial and abject face. Nazism is dead, but Attila will not die. Attila is a state of mind…which can dominate any race from one moment to the next.*

The mentality of abortion is evil, unsatisfied by its plundering of women and unborn babies, as it seeks death and blood in greater measures. It is the spirit of death.

We must fight this demon at the ballot box on November 3. We must vote for LIFE, for those candidates running for political office that will turn the tide and vote for the Life Begins at Conception Act. We must put an end to legal abortion in the United States or suffer God’s judgment.

Regardless of church affiliation, if you call yourself a Christian and you’re not registered to vote, get on with it! You have until October 3 to register either on-line at or go to the Prince William County Board of Elections office at:

9250 Lee Ave Ste 1
Manassas, VA 20110-5554

Be certain you’re eligible to vote for LIFE! Do it today!

*(Plinio Correa de Oliverira, “7 Dias em Revista,” Legiondrio, December 5, 1943) (quoted from The Abortionist Mentality Descends from Hitler—www.returnto ).

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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