We need your help. Why? We need to help each other see and hear a point of view which we may rarely hear from. We need to ask each other to explain why we believe what we each believe. How should we treat each other?

Consider these seemingly easy questions

  • Why is it moral for our government to tax us and our neighbors. How does forcing people to give part of their earnings to the government to spend differ from stealing?
  • What gives our currency any value? Why are we willing to exchange pieces of paper for food, shelter and clothing? Our currency is not backed by anything of value, is it?
  • Why do human beings have “rights”? What “rights” do we have? Who is the ultimate guarantor of human “rights”?

Have you thought about these questions? Have your children? If not, why not? Is it not obvious we should have strong opinions about the answers to such questions? Yet here of late Americans have been slowly abandoning freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Powerful interests are doing all they can to suppress Conservative thought. Hence Everett Piper observes:

Over the past couple of months, while the world has been distracted by all-things-COVID-19, a very important bit of news slipped under our radar and went virtually unnoticed. The contemporary church sold its soul to the Devil for a pot of political porridge. 

Consider the evidence.

Last week “pro-life” evangelicals across the land started stumbling over themselves to endorse a political party and a candidate who is openly against life and against evangelicals. (continued here (washingtontimes.com))

Why would Christian churches abandon their support for teachings that the Bible clearly demands that we must uphold? Why? Consider all the firepower Christians now encounter against their faith in Jesus Christ. It is about power. What we believe about God profoundly affects the type of government we will accept. That is why:

  • Our schools are largely dominated by Liberal unions.
  • Our news media is largely dominated by Liberal news organs.
  • Big Tech Companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter censor and suppress Conservative websites and promote Liberal websites.

The pervasive dominance of Liberal beliefs has created a big problem. Americans know little about their Christian heritage. That is why:

  • We live among people who insist Christianity — the Bible — is all about the perpetuation of a myth.
  • We live among people who won’t suffer us speak of our God.
  • We live among people who insist upon teaching their truths to both their children and our children.

Will the Internet solve this problem? Does the Internet allow the free expression of ideas? Yes and no. Conservatives can publish what they want, but Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter actively censor Conservative content. Google, on the hand, buries Conservative content under Liberal content. That is why we are asking you to share this post, especially the portion that speaks of our voter guides. To get pass the censors we need to help each other.

We have two pages listing voter guides.

We hope you will examine both our voter guides as well the list of Christian voter guides that we have provided. We hope you will share what we have put together.

Do we expect our voter guides to profoundly alter anyone’s mind? No. However, we do hope what we have put together will encourage those who are sitting on the fence to vote and vote early (see pwcvotes.org). We would all do well to avoid the possibility of long lines on election day.

One last thought. Do you find it difficult to believe Google is suppressing Conservative Internet sites? Then check out the following articles and videos.

Google and Its Creepy, ‘Leftist Agenda’ Exposed in Latest Video From Project Veritas (redstate.com)

O’Keefe Strikes Again! Google Program Manager Confirms Election Interference in Favor of Joe Biden (VIDEO) (thespectator.info)

GOOGLE ELECTION INFLUENCE EXPOSED: Senior Google Executive Ashwin Agrawal: ‘There are many ways’ to influence elections … ‘I think ads is one way’ … ‘I think another way is search results’ … ‘YouTube is going to be another one’ (projectveritas.com)

Here is a video from a previous expose on Google. This has been going on for awhile. It has just gotten steadily worse.

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  1. Rudy U Martinka says:


    The news media is against Trump and focus on him being a racists and anti- immigration and that is why many religious people will vote for Biden even though he supports abortion.

    Sad in my opinion, how news propaganda can control and distort the teachings in the Bible because of how religious in-depth teaching of religion under the control of politicians has waned in the USA, same as morality issues have waned.’

    If you read the links below of the in-depth can discern the writers have perception that Trump is a racist and anti-immigrant.

    Sad, that both laws of God and man can become so convoluted by the power of the news medial, in my opinion..

    Regards and goodwill blogging.



  2. boudicaus says:

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  3. sklyjd says:

    “Why would Christian churches abandon their support for teachings that the Bible clearly demands that we must uphold?”

    I think the answer is quite obvious to most of the world CT, they are taking to supporting the lesser of 2 evils. The conservative figures of 224,000 virus deaths from a very poorly administered government is simply only one from many major influences they have.

    The pervasive dominance of Liberal beliefs in religious terms has plainly been the writing on the wall for decades and is the obvious direction for the future. Even though I strongly believe people are free to believe whatever they like as long as they do not discriminate or inflict pain on others simply because their ideology says they can.

    The BLM movement, QAnon, dominant religious ideals, conspiracist groups, anti vaccination and extreme political activists from both sides of politics to mention some major groups but that must also include the corruption of many business and political leaders who have all simply combined to ruin the prosperity and happiness of what used to be a much more humanised and centralised society. Now we are rapidly becoming far more divided, less tolerant and even more violent than ever before, especially in the US. What does this mean if it gets worse?

    • Tom Salmon says:


      The answer is quite obvious? It is difficult to tell what your answer has to do with the question.

      You assume the USA has mismanaged its response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). That assertion rests upon the selective use of data to reach a desired conclusion. The assertion also has nothing to do with the question.

      Your use of a story from the Bible, “the writing on the wall”, is amusing. With “the writing on the wall”, the king of Babylon learned his fate.

      The Bible makes it clear that we have a propensity to ignore God. It is sad that men who call themselves Christian pay little attention to the Bible. There is no rational reason for it, but sin is not rational, and that was the point of the question. Unless we believe the Bible, what is the point of being a Christian?

      The last paragraph is ironic. Why did you list all those groups you consider extreme? We each like to see ourselves as moderate, but being “moderate” in our own eyes does make us right. In fact, being moderate just means we have looked around us and adjusted our views to conform to those around us. That is why being moderate has nothing to do with being right. Being moderate just means we fear being different.

      Let’s briefly consider your question.

      Now we are rapidly becoming far more divided, less tolerant and even more violent than ever before, especially in the US. What does this mean if it gets worse?

      It is getting worse because too many of us are abusing the power of government to impose our wants and our truths upon others. When we insist upon abusing the power of government, people fear the government because they fear the unjust abuse of power.

      Can you rightly answer those questions I asked at the beginning of this post? Can you define justice? Until we can we define our rights and who gave us our rights, how can you?

      Until we once again agree upon definition of justice that almost everyone upholds, it is going to get worse. Until then some will insist that worse is better because they see it justice for those who are suffering to suffer. That is, rather than end their own suffering, some would rather see their enemies suffer.

      • sklyjd says:

        “Until we once again agree upon definition of justice that almost everyone upholds, it is going to get worse.”

        The damage of political turmoil in the US has been a poison to the people where lies and corruption have become the normal agenda within your political systems, therefore justice has become divisive and political.

        From my perspective neither of the candidates are anywhere near to the high standard of a President. Unlike our political systems the Prime Ministers and party leaders can be removed from office by their own party for poor performance and replaced.

        Whatever happens nobody is going to be completely happy with the status quo. We privileged humans should really be thankful for what we have because we are always being convinced that we are suffering in one way or another and it is the fault of the political enemy of the people.

        The pendulum should not swing to far to either side of the political spectrum and this is simply been proven to be the best system we humans have, although far from perfect it is the best we can do to address the questions you ask.

        • Tom Salmon says:


          There is this belief that we are basically good. Well, we are made in the image of God, and God’s Son died upon a cross for us. So, we must retain some kind of inestimable value. Nevertheless, God’s Son died for us because we are essentially fallen and flawed. All of us, not just the people of the United States.

          About every eighty years there seems to be a crisis of some sort. That crisis appears to be preceded by an unraveling of society. Why does this happen? We have no scientific explanation. All we have are imprecise historical observations. Some have observed eighty year cycles, cycles that seem to correspond roughly to the lifetime of a man.

          When we die we take our memories with us. So, now we have people with short memories and little wisdom wanting to try things that have never worked well. Now we have fewer people who remember teachings that have worked.

          Are our candidates for presidents up to our parent’s and grandparent’s and great grandparent’s standards? I don’t think really think that is the issue. I think the issue is the wisdom of those who vote. We picked the candidates. We have allowed the institutions that inform us and our children, our churches, schools, and news media, to degenerate.

          So, what can we do? We must pick the best of the two candidates. We must choose from among the choices available, those we have nominated, and pray for the best. Then we must go to work rebuilding our churches, schools, and news media into the institutions they ought to be. Unless we work to become wise, we cannot make wise choices.

          Are your country’s institutions better than our institutions? Are your leaders better? Given what I know of our news media, I don’t think I am qualified to make a good guess, but I seriously doubt it.

          You spoke of a swinging pendulum. Here we are making a serious effort to arrest an extreme swing to Socialism. Where is that pendulum in your land? You don’t think it has swung too far? What standard are you using? Are you just condemning our standard and applauding your own? I think so.

          • sklyjd says:

            We are all flawed, that is true, and so is everything else, however some are considerably worse than others. The political and social unrest or unravelling of society I believe is due to the evolutionary process of modern human thinking. Take human rights for example, the death of a black man in America by authorities 80 years ago hardly registered as important for the majority. Corruption and bullshit created by politicians and leaders is now often accepted and condoned when 80 years ago it would ruin a career. 80 years ago we had no problems polluting our planet and rape of a woman or child molestation was not considered as serious as it is today.

            As there are limited political systems to manage a country and all have been tried many times with limited success, therefore an old system with new spin is used and believing that there is any such system of being even close to perfection is simply a dream and impossible.

            The wisdom, education, attitude and even an individuals intellect has often given way to radical conspiracy merchants and follow the herd mentality due to mostly negative influences from the social media as well as having the ease to communicate and travel. The old influences from tight knit families from 80 years ago are becoming very rare but may still strongly exist in some societies such as the Quakers.

            As you say fewer people exist who remember what worked. That may have been good for them but it may not have worked for many others, who can tell me when we have any political systems or policies that have worked for everybody, and as we all know historically the disenchanted will not roll over.

            I have never claimed our Australian system is the best and I do not think our politicians are of a high quality, however I am condemning your choices to some extent, you will have to agree that your President Trump and Mr Biden are very old and practically aged care material with both I believe having proven the job is beyond their capabilities.

            The building of better communities and country’s is not to divide them, this is a process that President Trump does not understand and this will obviously breed big problems as history can testify regardless of any other policies he may have promised. In Australia we are very active in keeping the pendulum fairly central. Bad or extreme policy is often reversed or compromised by the opposition parties backed by strong public opinion. I do think it is more right than left at the moment but nobody seems to panic here. No guns on the streets and currently no riots.

          • Tom Salmon says:


            Take human rights for example, the death of a black man in America by authorities 80 years ago hardly registered as important for the majority.

            Eighty years ago would be 1940. The 1940’s were the years that the USA began to integrate its armed forces. Christian values drove this movement. Martin Luther King, who led the Civil Rights movement, was a pastor. He appealed to America’s Christian values.

            America’s secular school system and anti-Christian news media have worked against the values that brought about the changes you say you want. So, I don’t think you make much sense.

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