We like to include a picture of some sort with every post. Since we want a huge turnout, we thought we would include a picture of a landslide or a tsunami. Since landslides and tsunamis kill people, however, we settled for picture of a ballot box. The whole point of an orderly election is to avoid violence, to avoid dead and injured people.

Why is a huge turnout needed? When we vote in large numbers, that increases the margin of victory for legitimate winners. The larger the margin of victory, the more fraudulent ballots a cheater has to produce to win. Thus, large numbers of voters make it more difficult to cheat.

Is election fraud a real concern? That depends upon who we ask. It even depends upon which search engine we use. Compare the results Google produces with DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo produces hits on election fraud whereas Google tends to produce news articles that proclaim the rarity of election fraud.

As a side note, here is a DuckDuckGo hit that is worth noting for its humorous aspect, Biden says in video he has created ‘voter fraud organization’ ( The video below provides another take on this from BlazeTV.

What is election fraud? Voter Fraud ( and Electoral Fraud ( list the most common schemes.

Does election fraud happen? Here are some reports about various schemes.

The following articles contest whether voter fraud is an issue.

There is an obvious irony here. Consider this question. Is control of our government a big enough prize that some people would scheme to possess that control? The obvious answer is yes, and the people who deny that voter fraud is real provide the “proof”. Out of one side of their mouths they deny voter fraud exists. Out of the other side of their mouths they accuse their opponents of scheming to steal the election.

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