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It was no secret. For four long years certain groups had made their bitter hatred of President Donald Trump completely evident. They investigated Trump’s family and friends relentlessly. Without any supporting evidence, they raised accusations of collusion with the Russians to steal the 2016 election. The Democrat controlled House even impeached Trump using a phone call with the leader of the Ukraine as a lame excuse.

Still, except for increasing the evidence of irrational anger, nothing came of any of these investigations or charges. Instead, Democrats and the news media had lost a huge amount of credibility going into the 2020 election.

Nevertheless, the anger had, if anything, grown. Therefore, we had had riots, and we expected more riots if Trump won.

So, what happened on Election Day? Unsurprisingly, the news media’s election polls proved hugely inaccurate. Trump won a huge number of votes, but somehow the numbers of Biden voters kept adding up in Democrat strongholds until Biden won. Was that just strange or quite unbelievable?

How did Biden win? How did a man who ran for the presidency from his basement win an election for the Presidency of the United States? How did a man who either did not want to draw crowds or could not draw crowds become our president? Don’t curious people want to know? Was Biden’s win honest or fraudulent? Whether we voted for Joe Biden or not, don’t we all want to know?

Were there election irregularities? The perception of irregularities clearly exists. Here is just a small sample.

Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), many states chose to further relax their election regulations. Therefore, the people who want us to believe election fraud does not exist got all the things they wanted.

  • No excuse mail-in balloting.
  • No witness required for mail-in ballots.
  • Relaxed signature validation requirements for mail-in ballots.
  • Negligible requirements for voter Id, whether by mail or in-person.
  • Mail-in ballots sent to all registered voters.
  • Relaxed deadline for the receipt of mail-in ballots (postmark not required).
  • Counting the mail-in ballots after the in-person ballots have been counted.
  • And this list goes on.

Even if the election was still honest in spite of the relaxed requirements for election integrity, isn’t the perception of fraud a problem? Consider all the troubles President Donald Trump has had over the last four years. We can rest assured most of the Establishment will be solidly behind Biden, but half of the population will not believe he won fairly and does not trust The Establishment, and that is not a good thing.

  • Would you want to pay taxes to people you think unscrupulous.
  • Would you want to fight wars under the command of people you don’t trust?
  • How scrupulously would you obey people you think dishonest?
  • And this list goes on.

The mainstream news media generally tries to explain all the problems away, but that is not their job, supposedly. Their job is hold our government accountable, not to protect it from critics. Their job is to report the news, not propagandize us, but propagandize us they have. So, nobody really trusts them either.

Who is responsible for the mess. Who is responsible for establishing the credibility of our system of choosing presidential electors? Read Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution as amended. Specifically consider this excerpt.

Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.

Article II, Section 1

The legislatures in the states where large numbers of voters doubt their votes were fairly counted need to reassure the citizens of those states that their votes have been fairly counted. There are several issues involved.

  • Were election laws followed? If not, how did that affect the vote count?
  • As written, do the existing election laws provide a credible deterrent to fraud? Do existing laws even allow fraud to be detected?
  • Are election laws enforced appropriately. When the law is broken, are the perpetrators arrested and convicted.

Keep in mind that if the answer is no to any of these questions, then any serious legislative body has only one honorable choice, rerun the election. If that is not feasible, then any legislature that created the conditions for a fraudulent election needs to select the presidential electors by an alternative means, one the citizens of their state can respect.

Is this notion something weird or oddball? No. Serious people were talking about it before the election, and the discussion has only intensified.

Do the courts have a role? Of course, they do. When the law has broken, the courts can step in, but the courts cannot fix bad laws. Hence, Judge Samuel Alito has telegraphed his interest in a case involving whether election law has been followed.

So, who will win in court and in state legislatures? Depends. Are we dominos or thinking people? Consider of this phrase, “fait accompli”.

Definition of fait accompli

a thing accomplished and presumably irreversible

//he charged that the members were presented with a fait accompli instead of being called to a meeting to discuss the policy change— Daniel Thomases

From here (

The powers that be want us to believe that the matter of Joe Biden’s ascension to the presidency is a fait accompli. Is it? Does that depend upon the People of the United States, or will we let our privileged elites steamroll us?

Who are these privileged elites? How can they be dangerous to us? Consider a speech at Kings College called the “Inner Ring given by C. S. Lewis. In his speech Lewis warned graduates against seeking power and the perks of power, to focus on listening carefully to their conscience and the salvation of their soul. Lewis wanted his audience to remember that power is something we should be granted for the privilege of serving others, not something we should seek for its own sake. 

Do “inner rings” full of power seeking elitists exist in the United States? Consider that age-old institution we call slavery. In every age some men insist upon lording over other men, justifying themselves their betters. Our age is no different. Of course we have such pride filled people in our halls of power.

What attracts men and women to an inner ring? Don’t we know? But how do we if we seek power prove ourselves “worthy” of the lords of the inner rings? We lie. We mouth the words they wish to hear us repeat, and we condemn and punish those who refuse to be politically correct.

Contemplate for moment various politically correct ideologies: Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, Socialism, Multiculturalism, Secularism, Atheism, and so forth. Over history mankind has compiled long lists of theories, “isms”, ideologies, beliefs, causes, and so forth. Some of these encourage peace and harmony. Some encourage division and can be used to divide and conquer. The lords of the inner rings wish to hear those words that justify them and their personal quest for power. We please them by repeating their lies.

Do you wish to resolve whether or not Biden won the election fair and square? Then contact the politicians who represent you (Federal, state, and local). Register your concern and charge them with investigating election irregularities. Make it emphatically clear that you prize confidence in the results of an election over the convenience of voting. In addition, if you wish to ensure President Donald Trump ( has the resources required to contest the election in court, then contribute something to the fight.

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  1. Doug says:

    It’s really not that bad, Tom. As for the legitimacy of ballots and fears of massive fraud of any kind while you all are dealing with the shock & awe of Trump’s loss.. I encourage any investigation of alleged voting impropriety. I am also very confident any such investigations will not reveal anything resembling “massive” fraud conspiracies. Now.. you can dismiss my assurance in that you will assign me as simply one of the many who has been led astray by a Liberal corrupt media as if I am some waif wandering the political landscape looking for a person on which to hitch my horse… and falling into some “dark side” beliefs that are assured the leave the country.. the Constitution, in shambles…. in some “forgive him, he knows not what he does” analogy. You can believe that all you want.. after all, the fellow you believed in has essentially betrayed all of us, and most importantly everyone who supported him.
    Look, while I breathed a sigh of relief in the election results that the chaos is over… I am not celebrating one iota; there’s no time to gloat. I see no happiness in Mudville. We still have 75 days left for Mr. T to lay waste. We will be fortunate if all he does is give himself a pardon and have his personal Attorney General Barr work up a universal amnesty for the entire administration.. obviously all that is needed so that he can protect himself and the family against all the various crimes he’s never committed.
    The reality is that there are 70 million fellow Americans like yourself who did not vote for Biden, which represents an effective 50% of the voting public. That concerns me beyond the celebrating… and not because I fear some Trumpian comeback in four years… which I don’t. Trump will likely eat himself into his grave as well as Biden drifting off the scene. But it’s a large percentage of the public who are uncompromising. I’ve been to two Conservative blogs who have encouraged some level of violence and/or a civil war. Like Conservatives told us crying non-Trumpers back in 2016 when he won… give him some time to prove one way or the other.

    • Tom Salmon says:


      We know you don’t like President Trump. The fact your assurances that election fraud did not take place are immediately followed by your usual recitation of angry complaints against Trump should cause anyone who listens to doubt your assurances that election fraud did not take place.

      Are there Conservatives advocating violence? We can label ourselves anything we wish, but how can anyone who advocates violence at this point be a Conservative? The investigation has just begun.

      The meaning of the word “liberal” use to mean something different a couple of centuries ago. Then Democrats started calling themselves “liberals”.

      Because Trump won in 2016, Democrats have persecuted the man, doing everything they can to remove him office by any means possible. Such behavior renders suspect anything over which they have control. Therefore, we need any investigation.

      • Doug says:

        In the meantime Trump is inciting his supporters to defy the Democratic process because of what they THINK is massive fraud. There MUST have been massive fraud or else Trump would have won! I thought one has to submit evidence first.. not biased suspicion. A few incidents of wayward deliveries, nutty individuals, and complex processes from all the mail-in ballots hardly qualifies for “massive” election-changing fraud. I mean.. in all cases there are always reps of both parties at the time of voting and counting to agree and watch over the other. Were you not one of those recently?
        From what I have been hearing a number of these cases filed in their state locales have been rejected by judges already as having no substance. Trumpians should be careful what contrived video is being showed on their so-called “authority” sites. You’re being played by Trump himself, Tom. He just wants to delay the inevitable. I mean, c’mon.. he’s been posturing his rhetoric for months to set all this up.

        • Tom Salmon says:


          Don’t know what you are talking about.

          • Doug says:

            More like you don’t want to know what I am talking about. Matters not. I’ll leave you to go through the stages of acceptance on your own. As I said.. I find nothing to celebrate or gloat about.

          • Tom Salmon says:


            I would imagine this situation bothers you just as much as it does me, but you are trying to justify it with “proof” of how bad Trump supposedly is. Problem is you don’t have anything specific. You make an accusation. I say I don’t know what you are talking about, and that is my fault. I don’t think so.

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