A RESOURCE: Latest Developments in “Sex Education” and Parent Resources

Do you want to protect your children? Do you trust our increasingly “secularized culture” or do you trust in the teachings of Bible and in our nation’s Christian traditions? When our educational institutions and the mass media have become so biased, where do we go? Where do we go to hear Biblically-based discussions? Where do we learn how to apply time-tested wisdom?

Got the following in an email from The Family Foundation (familyfoundation.org).

Victoria Cobb, President
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Last week voters not only cast their ballots for political offices, but in some states they also voted on important ballot measures of public policy.  Washington became the very first state where the voters themselves made a decision on sex education, approving Referendum 90 to uphold the state’s radical and highly controversial mandatory public school sex-education curriculum – a curriculum that teaches kindergartners confusing messages about gender, promotes “LGBTQ+” ideologies, and teaches older students things like “affirmative consent” for sexual activity.

As those school districts start implementing this sex-ed curriculum, Whitney Holz of “Informed Parents of Washington” encouraged parents to “get involved locally, attend district meetings, join the curriculum review board or the school board, and obtain and review sex ed materials” while reminding parents they can still opt their children out of sex-ed altogether. (continued)

Latest Developments in “Sex Education” and Parent Resources (familyfoundation.salsalabs.org)

The last great crisis America faced was World War II. Until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor most of our nation did not realize the significance of the rise of totalitarian powers around the world. Most Americans did not see the significance of the increasing accumulation of power in Washington DC. Only after the bombs fell did our people begin to think about these matters.

Almost 80 years have passed since the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The generations that endured the Great Depression, fought World War II, and stood firm during the Cold War have nearly passed away. Meanwhile, our culture has degenerated in ways no one would have expected. For reasons that seem to make no sense, both our schools and our mass media have taught our children to despise our Christian heritage and the traditions of our constitutional republic. Why?

To find out the truth and figure and what we can and should do, we need to bypass the mass media and seek other sources. We need to consult with other Conservative Christians. In addition, we need to protect our children. Hopefully, you will find these resources useful to those ends.

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