Was the election rigged? It is a bit to early to state a conclusion. Part of the problem is that the president’s legal team cannot just ask for the evidence. They can gather legal affidavits from people who said they observed unconstitutional procedures, fraud, and irregularities, but they cannot necessarily get the officials in the contested states to assist them in their investigations. Often, they have to go to court to get the proof they need (assuming it existed and still exists). Hence, when one side claims the other side does not have any evidence, that is kind of silly, especially when the side that claims there is no evidence of fraud refuses to allow the other side access to any potential evidence of fraud.

Why does all this matter? There are two immediately important reasons:

  • The first has to do with whether the American people have confidence in the integrity of our elections. If enough of us do not think our vote matters, our constitutional republic is finished. We will no longer have much reason to respect the authority of our “elected” officials as legitimate. Because we have to have a government of some sort, most people may passively accept the rule of these “elected” officials, but that would mostly be because most people don’t want to go to jail.
  • President Donald Trump and Joe Biden represent two radically different political agendas. Trump represents those who wish to restore traditional American values (Make America Great Again), and Biden represents those who represent a “Progressive” agenda, which many equate with Socialism and radical environmentalism. If the government is not perceived as legitimate, that fact will encourage people to violently resist the agenda of whichever party is in power.

The Status Of The Investigation Into Vote Rigging

As I mentioned earlier, I cannot offer a definitive conclusion. What I will observe is that America is divided into two opposing factions that appear unreconcilable. Consider the last four years. Democrats constantly resisted Trump’s agenda, and Democrats used any means they could come up with in their attempts to remove him from office.

Neither side trusts the other. Democrats refer to Trump’s supporters as racists and deplorables. Trump is supposedly Hitlerian. Trump’s supporters call the Washington DC political establishment as The Swamp, and they place the Democratic Party as solidly within The Swamp. If the public is not satisfied that the election was fairly adjudicated, the political divisions in our country will deepen.

The Liberal Democrat news media constantly calls the Conservative news media, to extent the Conservative news media exists, liars, and vice versa. Therefore, we need someone to lay out the evidence and make a convincing case for the truth. Because the news media is perceived as highly partisan, that task appears to be beyond the capacity of the news media.

The first check in assuring public’s confidence in election integrity is the vote count. Because of voting by mail and the setting aside of numerous rules designed to ensure election integrity, in critical states local and state agencies haved fail to competently collect and count the vote so that people uniformly trust the results. In addition, our courts have become demonstrably partisan. Therefore, we have to consider the Constitution’s next check in the process. Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution requires state legislatures to appoint the electors who represent a state. Therefore, state legislatures control the process of choosing the electors that represent their states in the Electoral College.

What can we do? Dick Morris has this recommendation. Contact Contact GOP Legislative Leaders In Key States. Here is our updated version of his list.

Here is what you can say or write.

I want to be sure the recent presidential election results are fair and equitable. Therefore:

I request that your State Legislature vote not to certify electors until your state audits the election results with a full recount, with Republican observers no more than three feet away and with full verification of signatures and the dates on which ballots were received.

Thank you very much!


Here is a list of contacts.



Contact David Ralston, Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives

Contact Mike Dugan, Georgia Senate Majority Leader


Contact Bryan Cutler (R), Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives


Contact Jake Corman (R), Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader

www.Senatorcorman.com  go to Contact and fill our form


Contact Russell Bowers (R), Arizona Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Bowersforaz.com  go to Contact and fill out form

Rick Gray Contact (R), Arizona Senate Majority Leader

Voterickgran.com   go to Contact and fill out form


Contact Lee Chatfield (R), Michigan Speaker of the House of Representatives
517-373-2629  must place a call – no e-mail contact supplied

Contact Mike Shirkey (R), Michigan Senate Majority Leader

senmshirkey@senate.michigan.gov  be sure to supply your full name, address, phone and email addy


Contact Mr. Robin Vos (R), Wisconsin Speaker of the State Assembly
608-266-3387  must place a call – no e-mail contact supplied      

Contact Scott Fitzgerald (R), Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader*

*Scott Fitzgerald was just elected to a Congressional seat on Nov. 3rd. He is still current Senate Majority Leader.

Contact Devin Le Mahieu (R), The newly-elected Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader

www.devinforsenate.com   go to contact and fill out form.

What are some of the issues? Well, here are some relevant references. To reduce the complexity, this list focuses on Dominion Voting Systems, an election system used in many of the contested states.

Note that we have made the issue of election integrity highly complicated because some states have made their election system unnecessarily complicated. Better is the enemy is of good. We just need an election system that allows people who can show they have the right to vote to vote. Then we need to accurately count the vote within a couple of days. That is why making a system that works “perfectly” using complicated software that can be hacked or rigged is not a good idea. Nobody in their right mind will confidently trust the results.

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  1. Doug says:

    Nicely presented denial and grasping at straws. You failed to mention the large numbers of alleged voter fraud cases tossed out of courts over the last couple weeks. In 2016 all non-Trumpers heard and read in blogs was Dems are in denial of duly elected Trump. Duly elected, duly elected, duly elected. Not one bit of evidence of wide scale voter fraud.. Homeland Security said no evidence of wide scale fraud. Yet your ilk remains in shock & awe that your guy lost…. and your entire post is a reflection of this denial simply because your man, Trump the Trumpeter blows away at his loyal lemmings that there must be fraud. Two words, Tom.. duly elected!

  2. boudicaus says:

    Reblogged this on boudica.us and commented:
    H/T Citizen Tom

  3. Doug says:

    Ah.. just this morning.. poll showing 70% of GOP voters believe Biden won on voter fraud. Guess that says it all. Then again.. who believes in polls anymore.. right?

    I recently talked to a guy in the real world who was about our age. He said to me in general chatting as we were discussing Covid… “If my wife got covid in this interim period of Trump holding back transition cooperation because of his pompous self-centered election denial and she died… I would consider killing the next person he saw wearing a MAGA hat for enabling Trump to cause her death. I’d have nothing more to lose.”
    I told him that I understood his emotion.. and that I am sure out of the dead 250 thousand who have died already, he would not be alone in his feelings of desiring retribution given Trump is a master of his own delivery of non-lethal retribution to satisfy his own ego and mental problems. But taking the life of another is not the answer to anything.. your wife would still be dead and your revenge an empty feeling. In fact, that MAGA person you might kill would also have family… and would they desire retribution? Therein begins striking a match what may not go out before many more are dead… and it’s all because of Trump. Best not to go there… and besides.. your wife is fine so far so enjoy that and not dream about nasty scenarios that may never happen. He shrugged.. “Maybe you’re right.”

    • Tom Salmon says:


      You still believe news media polls?🙄😏😣😂

      A guy in the real world? I would say that’s progress if you finally realized you live in a CNN fantasy world.

      Are w supposed to thank you for asking propagandized, angry fool for not behaving like a madman? After reading your website? No.

      Is the guy you talked to is in the real world? 🤔 Doesn’t sound like it.

      COVID-19 is a highly contagious flu-like virus. We cannot stop the spread of a disease like that. Everyone is wearing masks, and that is not working. Shutting down the economy and the schools causes more harm than the disease. But you want to blame Trump for a disease that came out of Red China. Utterly ignorant and ridiculous. Warp Speed, the accelerated development of treatments and vaccines is just about the only he could have done. Unfortunately, you and other hypocritical Liberal Democrat news media propagandized mob members cannot even credit Trump for that.

      • Doug says:

        Oh damn. I just now saw I posted on this “Alliance” blog. I want to apologize for that, Tom.. as I generally feel this is not a blog for that kind of discourse. I follow both your blogs.. and I even get a wayward notification where I get a third notice for some reason.. so I got confused. My post was meant for your other blog. Sorry. I’ll be rectifying all that soon on my end with another identity.

  4. Rudy U Martinka says:


    You stated your guy said, “I would consider killing the next person he saw wearing a MAGA hat for enabling Trump to cause her death. I’d have nothing more to lose.”

    Trump is just following Hillary’s Advice, so blame her instead of Trump..


    As for putting off refusing PPP for covid aid, tell your guy to blame Pelosi.


    Tell your guy to wise up and stop listening to CNN and direct his anger to the above Political Party leaders instead of the MAGA guys..

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    • Doug says:

      Golly, Rudy, Trump listens to Hillary and Pelozi?? Trump doesn’t listen to anyone.. that’s why his supporters love him. Let’s see how much you still like him the closer we get to his leaving the White House. It ain’t over till it’s over. I am fully confident he will disappoint to the end.

      • Rudy U Martinka says:


        It will never be over, in my opinion, especially if voters are not convinced in the accuracy and integrity of the results.

        Frankly, Joe’s mission is mission impossible if voters believe the election was fraud.

        Frankly, in my opinion, Joes supporters on the far left are already sounding out they expect Joe to produce in exchange for their support.

        Which means “it ain’t over until it’s over” in relation to hopes of Joes supporters expectations….

        Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
        but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.
        (Proverb 13:12)

        Or in other words, if Joe does manage to win, in time his supporters will lose hope because of his mission impossible political promises. Joe will become in time just one more “empty suit” politician recorded on the USA history tree.

        I hope I am wrong because a lot of Joe’s supporters have demonstrated their frustrations with politics and pent up grievances over time with anarchy actions in the recent riots. His pandemic lockdowns are not going to help him.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        If Interested

        Mission Impossible

        Biden’s Mission Impossible Unless…….?
        King Solomon Blog – Rudy u Martinka (rudymartinka.com)s

        Empty Suit Politicians

        King Solomon, Empty Suit Politicians (Repost) – Rudy u Martinka

        • Doug says:

          “If Joe manages to win”?? He HAS won.. duly elected… as much as Trump won at this exact point in time in 2016 and Trumpians were screaming “duly elected”.

          • Tom Salmon says:


            The problem is that you won’t consider any other possibility except a Trump loss. You did not vote for anything or anyone.

          • Doug says:

            Well.. in order for Trump to lose (my personal goal) someone of greater ilk had to win and that was Biden,, whom I did vote for… and on Nov. 4th I went online here in CA and for the first time in my 69 revolutions around the Sun, I changed my preferred party to “Other”… meaning “independent” (and NOT the American Independent Party”). That matters absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things but by waiting until after I voted as a registered GOP against Trump.. my vote will read out in the stats forever that I was a “Republican who voted against Trump”. If that’s my own personal defiance that stays on the books forever, I am ok with that.

          • Tom Salmon says:


            And totally unable to explain why you voted as you did except you don’t like Trump.

          • Doug says:

            Exactly. I voted against Trump more than I voted for someone else because I saw Trump as being a clear and present danger to the security, health, and safety to the U.S… and he remains that threat until the day he departs. Ask yourself the question, Tom.. how much would Trump have to do to tear down the country between today and his departure to cross your line of support for him? In fact.. everything and anything that Trump has done and will do to the country you are personally enabling. Where is your line in the sand of moral patriotic responsibility?

          • Tom Salmon says:


            You use generic, sweeping charges of incompetence. You complain about style. You never have anything specific. There is nothing discuss.

          • Rudy U Martinka says:


            Keep in mind Trump is just following Hillary’s instructions.

            Not wise to disregard Hillary or you will hear her complaining for the next four years like Trump had to listen to after he was elected.

            Regards and good will blogging.

          • Doug says:

            As I said earlier, Rudy… Trump listens to no one much less the likes of Hillary. That’s what his supporters love about him… he’s a metaphor for finger flipping off anyone of structured authority.

          • Tom Salmon says:


            That is not true. You are stereotyping your opponents. That is a form of bigotry.

          • Doug says:

            If being against Trump is some sign of “bigotry”.. bigotry against Trump? Yep… for sure.

          • Tom Salmon says:


            Of course. When a bigot thinks he is in the majority, he is proud of it. That is why the so-called mainstream news media tries to portray itself as mainstream.

          • Rudy U Martinka says:


            Perhaps Trump does not listen to anyone might be related to this King Solomon advice.

            Do not speak to fools, for they will scorn your prudent words. (Proverbs 23:9)

            Regardless of your personal political preferences, you personally have to admit that he listened to your prudent advice how to handle the flood of illegal immigrants.

            While none of his predecessors were able to accomplish for the past forty years are still scorning him.

            Regards and goodwill blogging.

  5. Doug says:

    Someone tell that clown Doug to shut up.

    (Yeah… just doing the follow thing for this identity)

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