American troops approaching Omaha Beach during the invasion of Normandy on D-Day, 6 June 1944 (from here (

How can we understand the bitter division in our nation? It seems we have to experience it. I grew up in the aftermath of World War II, the closest thing our world has ever known to total war (total war | Definition & Examples | Britannica). So, I learned from Americans still alive what that war had been like. I even read Winston Churchill’s history of the war, The Second World War (6 Volumes): Churchill Winston S.: 9781135835286: Books. Nonetheless, I could not easily grasp what had driven people to fight each other that way. I still wish I could say I have not yet begun to understand.

Consider. Attorney Sydney Powell has filed lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan complaining about election fraud. Here is Powell’s website with the lawsuits, Defending the Republic – Sidney Powell’s Legal Defense Fund.

Are the lawsuits serious? Well, the charges certainly are. Look at how someone described the Georgia lawsuit.

Attorney Sidney Powell has filed a lawsuit, affectionately known as “The Kraken“, against named defendants in the State of Georgia to include Governor Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger, Secretary of State.  [Direct pdf Link] Embed pdf below.

Sidney Powell Files Lawsuit Against State of Georgia For Election “Rigging” – Links and pdf… (

Unfortunately, Twitter, our newfound arbiter of truth, is happily doing its best to hide Powell’s tweets and lawsuit. Sidney Powell ‘Releases the Kraken’ in Georgia Lawsuit – Tennessee Star has a link, for example.

Powell tweeted the link to the lawsuit late Wednesday night, hinting at an upcoming lawsuit to be filed in Michigan.

Sidney Powell ‘Releases the Kraken’ in Georgia Lawsuit – Tennessee Star

Click on the link, Powell tweeted, and this is what we get.

Twitter removed Powell’s tweet.

What happens if we click on “Learn more”? We enter the world of Twitter legalese and obfuscation.

The so-called mainstream news media has either ignored Powell or just been silly, Ex-Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Files Election Suits in ‘DISTRCOICT’ Court – Bloomberg. The substance of this news story is that they caught a typo? WOW!

For the last four years Liberals have complained about the election of President Donald Trump with unrelenting, insane hysteria and anger. Then they sabotaged in key states, using the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a lame excuse, any effort to maintain the integrity of the election. Now, they meet any effort to do a serious audit with anger and ridicule, as if nobody in their right mind could have any reason to doubt the results. That attitude all by itself should start alarm bells ringing. When we are certain we have done a good job, don’t we welcome a close examination of our work?

Are Conservatives being unreasonably suspicious? Even a superficial analysis of the election results don’t make any sense. 5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms ( observes five statistical anomalies that do not compute, especially when we remember that Biden did not bother to campaign and could not draw a crowd anyway. In fact, the fact Joe Biden appears to have won should even strike Liberals as miraculous.

Are Powell’s lawsuits serious threats to Biden’s supposed election victory? Don’t know. It will take time to study Powell’s lawsuits. The fact the Trump’s legal team separated themselves from Powell undermines her credibility. Conventional wisdom among Conservative pundits is that Powell probably overstated her charges against the governor of Georgia beyond what she has the evidence to prove. Nevertheless, the lady has earned the right to be taken seriously. She has put a hard her won reputation on the line. So, of course, has Trump’s legal team. Therefore, concerned citizens, including both Liberal and Conservatives, need to come together to protect the integrity of our election systems. We need to seriously look into what Powell and especially Trump’s legal team have put together. If the election was stolen, we should do our best to catch and punish the culprits. Even if the investigation does not produce the results we want, we should also make certain that our president is the guy who actually did win the election.

Additional References

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10 Responses to THE WORLD AT WAR

  1. Doug says:

    …and the evidence is where? In fact, where is Powell and her Kraken now?

    • Tom Salmon says:


      I provided a link to Powell’s lawsuits. You are quite capable of reading, I hope.

      • Doug says:

        That list of Conservative sites? She’s not even part of Trump’s “defy the election” legal team (I can’t answer to the Kraken though). Btw.. seems with the assassination of the Iranian scientist Trump is trying to sabotage Biden.. and the nation, thanks to Netanyahu.

        • Tom Salmon says:


          You are just here to ridicule. You are just demonstrating the problem. You want people to believe an election is on the up and up? Then you conduct the election with rules that assure election integrity. In the disputed areas, Democrats wholehearted violated the guidelines in the Carter-Baker report.

          You ask me where is the evidence? In the disputed counties and cities, can you tell why I should believe the results when they don’t make sense? When Republicans are not even allowed to monitor the count, they are supposed to blindly trust Democrats? Do Democrats Republicans? Do you trust Trump?

        • Tom Salmon says:

          @Doug. Here is Powell’s website.

          Click to access Michigan-Complaint.pdf

          Since you did not read my post, it was not easy for you to find it.

        • Tom Salmon says:


          Here is the actual website =>

          There seems to be a new wrinkle in posting links. Buggy.

          • Doug says:

            I’ve tried all the links and while some contain literally nothing or don’t work, all of them have no evidence of widespread evidence. Just the same old Conservative lament used by Conservatives as some sort of positive evidence against anything Trump doesn’t like… the “It’s so obvious….” argument.

  2. the road less traveled might just be the road to victory…

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