Trying to look into all the states involved in the election fraud controversy at the same time confuses more than it informs. So let’s just look at one state, Pennsylvania.

How will we go about this? Well, we have a problem. The news media, both the Liberal Democrat media and the Never Trump media, have no desire to cover the evidence. They just say it does not exist. Here are some examples.

The majority of the news media now wants to say the fraud was too small to matter. Formerly, they claimed it does not exist. Now they deride the absence of sufficient evidence and call President Trump a liar, something they have been doing for years.

Therefore, we have to look carefully to find stories in the news media where people actually look at the substance of the debate and the evidence. Here are some examples.

Note that the issue here is largely constitutional, not just simple fraud.

If people were totally honest, relaxing election rules would not matter. Because people are not totally honest, we need rules for election integrity. So, here is some of the evidence of the irregularities. Keep in mind that without a well-organized investigation using the full prosecutorial powers of the Attorney General, we won’t find all the evidence of fraud, just a portion of it. An investigation like this takes time and money. Therefore, we should be focused on whether there is sufficient reason to trust the election results from Pennsylvania. Was their election conducted without respect for the Constitution and the legal requirements for maintaining election integrity? When we can see Democrats were making it easy to cheat, we are supposed to believe they would not cheat?

The point is that Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans have put the burden on President Trump to prove voter fraud. Yet they have ignored any attempt by Trump’s legal team to present its case. Judges have just thrown the case out of court. Nevertheless, there are serious constitutional issues, and they are plenty of people claiming seriously irregularities and actual fraud.

Do we want an election system that makes it easy to cheat? Does it really make any sense to believe people don’t cheat? Don’t the people running an election have an obligation to convince us that the election results are believable? Do you trust the so-called mainstream news media to decide these matters for us? Then don’t let the talking heads shut us up. Demand a serious investigation.

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