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On September 20 our friend Jose Cossio attended a Trump Train, a parade followed by an ice cream social in Haymarket, Virginia. Protestors were waiting in the parking lot. Jose urged the unwelcome protesters to leave and one of them became irate and shoved a camera/phone in Jose’s face. He wouldn’t stop snapping pictures. Jose sought to avoid the harassment by pushing the camera away from his face. When he did, a woman with the protesters hit Jose over the head with a megaphone she had been using to harangue the Trump supporters.

Now Jose is charged with assault and a hate crime. The prosecutor accuses Jose of this crime, punishable by imprisonment, because of the religion of the protestor’s wife. Apparently the prosecutor believes the media stereotype that Trump supporters are hateful religious bigots. Jose is not a hater but he must convince a court of this at a hearing on December 18. If he does not convince the court, he faces a jail sentence of at least 6 months and up to 12 months and a black mark on his reputation. For this reason, Jose had to hire an attorney who costs far more than he can afford on his own.

Let’s help Jose clear his name by helping him pay his legal bill. He needs our help, now. Such donations are not tax deductible but will help a good man achieve justice in his own defense. Please send your contributions payable to the Jose R. Cossio Legal Defense Fund at

P.O. Box 851, Gainesville, VA 20156

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Jose is a naturalized citizen who loves this country and helps the Hispanic community by educating them about the principles and values that make the US the best country in the world.

Jose Cossio Legal Defense Fund | Legal Expenses Fundraising Page with GoGetFunding

Jose is a director of the Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance. He is a friend of mine, and I believe he serves as a good example of the type of legal immigrant this country needs, people who want to make us their neighbors and the United States their home, people who want to preserve and protect what they love about this country.

Politics is not supposed to be so ugly in the United States, but ugly it has become. Here is a way to overcome some of that ugliness. Here is an opportunity to help some of our neighbors. With a few dollars we can help a good man and his family get through a difficult period. Please consider a donation.

Thank you.

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