The Reverend Doctor

Raphael Warnock
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Consider following excerpts from news stories in Conservative publications.

In one of two runoff Senate elections in Georgia, disturbing allegations against Democrat Raphael Warnock continue to develop. As Fox News reported last week, during his time as a senior pastor at a church-run camp in West Baltimore, Warnock and a colleague were arrested on claims of interference with an investigation into child sexual abuse in 2002.

The police report cites “uncooperative and disruptive” behavior from the pair. According to the law enforcement unit arresting Warnock and his colleague, the officers had “never encountered” resistance like Warnock’s at all. 

Police Report Details ‘Uncooperative and Disruptive’ Behavior From Raphael Warnock During Abuse Investigation (townhall.com)

Warnock and Wainwright interrupted a police interview of a camp counselor in 2002. After investigators moved the interview to a picnic area, the reverends interfered against and tried to prevent one camper from directing police to other potential witnesses.

Maryland State Trooper Diane Barry of the state police Child and Sexual Assault Unit said, “I’ve never encountered resistance like that at all.”

Barry contended that the counselors consented to be interviewed after they were told they were free to go at any time and were not obligated to answer Barry’s questions. After being arrested and charged, Warnock and Wainwright were released.

Democrat Raphael Warnock Arrested in 2002 for Obstructing Child Abuse Investigation (breitbart.com)

Warnock, then 33, was taken away in handcuffs after he interrupted a police interview with a camp counselor about possible abuse and blocked a camper from directing officers to other witnesses, according to a resurfaced Baltimore Sun article.

About a year later, Camp Farthest Out in rural Carroll County was shut down by the Maryland Department of Health, which refused to issue a certificate to operate due to a poor health inspection that found 11 violations and the fact that the camp failed to report five findings of child abuse or neglect after an investigation by the Department of Social Services into camp director Brian Carter, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Warnock’s arrest for interfering in child abuse probe surfaces (nypost.com)

Among the indignities 12-year-old Anthony Washington endured at the church camp overseen by Reverend Raphael Warnock: counselors who tossed urine on him and locked him outside his cabin overnight.

Washington, now 30, recounted the events in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon and said his experience at the camp resulted in a 2003 lawsuitthat ended two years later, when Washington says he and his family received a large financial settlement.

Camper Recounts Abuse at Warnock Church Camp (freebeacon.com)

These stories relate to a Senate candidate running in one of the most contested races in our history. These stories are based upon hard provable facts, but can we find anything about it in the so-called mainstream news media? Not really?

Now imagine. How would the so-called mainstream news media be covering this story if Rev. Raphael Warnock was running as a Conservative?

Can we trust the the so-called mainstream news media to learn the truth about Democratic Party’s candidates?

Here is another view, “Real messed up”: Former Warnock camper details abuse, neglect (hotair.com).

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  1. Welcome to everything we are seeing and hearing in Georgia…a bunch of propaganda!
    Do you think any of the Atlanta stations have reported on his domestic violence with his estranged wife earlier in the year??? When he ran over her foot??
    Nope, we don’t hear about that.
    And I have a huge problem with any sort of “pastor” who calls out that God damn America!
    He and Jeremiah Wright are cut from the same radical cloth of anti-America and anti life,
    and anti-Christ

    • Tom Salmon says:

      No expert on the Reverend Doctor, but I have been following the news media for awhile. We cannot trust reporters to report the truth. We have to double check whatever they report and don’t report.

      • The frustrating thing is that no one cares to listen to truth!!!!

        • Tom Salmon says:


          There are people who care. The problem is that we have put people who sounded good and compassionate in power who are really just scoundrels.

          When we vote for people who promise to give us other people’s things, we are voting for people willing to bribe us. People who will bribe us will also accept bribes.

          When we vote we have to vote for the welfare of our family, friends, neighbors, and countrymen. Right now too many of us are voting for the welfare of our personal pocketbooks.

  2. Tom,

    You need to be more compassionate.

    Everyone will make mistakes or foolish decisions in their lifetimes .

    No one is perfect especially voters and news reporters, in my opinion.

    However, the news media in the USA are the most compassionate news reporters especially when they report or do not report mistakes of the Democrat politicians,

    However, when it comes to Trump, you will need a high power microscope to find their compassion, in my opinion.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

  3. boudicaus says:

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    H/T Citizen Tom

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