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Here we come to Part 4.

What is Part 4 about?

What are the specific Constitutional issues with the Electors from the State of Michigan?

What did the Texas filing with the Supreme Court (see AG Paxton Sues Battleground States for Unconstitutional Changes to 2020 Election Laws | Office of the Attorney General ( have to say about Michigan? State and local officials did not obey the laws as set forth by the Pennsylvania legislature. Here are some of the major points.

  • “Michigan’s Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, without legislative approval, unilaterally abrogated Michigan election statutes related to absentee ballot applications and signature verification. Michigan’s legislature has not ratified these changes, and its election laws do not include a severability clause.”
  • “As amended in 2018, the Michigan Constitution provides all registered voters the right to request and vote by an absentee ballot without giving a reason. MICH. CONST. art. 2, § 4. On May 19, 2020, however, Secretary Benson announced that her office would send unsolicited absentee-voter ballot applications by mail to all 7.7 million registered Michigan voters prior to the primary and general elections.”
  • “The Michigan Legislature thus declined to include the Secretary of State as a means for distributing absentee ballot applications. Id. § 168.759(3)(b). Under the statute’s plain language, the Legislature explicitly gave only local clerks the power to distribute absentee voter ballot applications.”
  • “Secretary Benson also violated Michigan law when she launched a program in June 2020 allowing absentee ballots to be requested online, without signature verification as expressly required under Michigan law. “
  • “Michigan also requires that poll watchers and inspectors have access to vote counting and canvassing. M.C.L. §§ 168.674-.675. Local election officials in Wayne County made a conscious and express policy decision not to follow M.C.L. §§ 168.674-.675 for the opening, counting, and recording of absentee ballots.”
  • “However, Wayne County made the policy decision to ignore Michigan’s statutory signature verification requirements for absentee ballots. Former Vice President Biden received approximately 587,074, or 68%, of the votes cast there compared to President Trump’s receiving approximate 264,149, or 30.59%, of the total vote.”

The fact that election officials deliberately broke the law, severely weakening the procedures designed to protect election integrity, is not being contested. Instead, these officials claim there is insufficient proof of fraud. Instead, these officials claim there was not enough fraud to change the outcome of the election. Thus, we are taking the word of officials who deliberately broke the law that when they broke the law their lawbreaking did not affect the outcome of the election? That’s a serious argument? If election officials did not expect to change the outcome of the election, why would they break the law?

COVID-19? Has anybody noticed how seriously the lords of social distancing and masks actually take the virus?

Consider. When elected officials severely weakened the procedures designed to protect the integrity of the election, what did they accomplish? Didn’t they make it easy to cover up any evidence that many of the ballots were fraudulent?

The people of Michigan should be both outraged and ashamed. The people of people of Michigan should be outraged the officials they elected failed to protect their right to vote. The people of people of Michigan should be ashamed that their elected officials have foisted unconstitutionally chosen Electors upon our country.

We should all be ashamed if we don’t do anything to stop this farce.

Additional References

Keep in mind that I have selected a variety of news sources. None contest the constitutional issues, but don’t trust me. Do your own research.

None of the news media reports will contest the simple fact that election officials clearly, significantly, and deliberately failed in their obligation to obey the law. Instead, Liberal Democrat journalists and judges derided Trump’s legal team for failing to provide evidence of voter fraud, evidence which they either ignored or refused to hear.

If a tree falls in the forest and we plug our ears and shut our eyes, did it fall? Guess some people think it didn’t. We just have to wait for tree to rot and the evidence to be removed. You all ready for the United States, our constitutional republic, to rot just because no one is paying attention?

What is going on? Many of our elites, including those in the news media and even many of the judges in our courts, lack respect for the rule of law. Many regard the Constitution as the invention of a bunch of dead, racist, white aristocrats.

What do these elites consider important? Getting their own way, apparently. After all, they are the good people, and their opponents are deplorable. Makes you wonder why they even bothered allowing us to have an election.

What is yet to come?

  • Part 4: What are the specific Constitutional issues with the Electors from the State of Georgia?
  • Part 5: What are the specific Constitutional issues with the Electors from the State of Michigan?
  • Part 6: What are the specific Constitutional issues with the Electors from the State of Wisconsin?
  • Part 7: If the Electors from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are rejected, what is the Constitutional remedy?
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