The map of above shows the districts in the Virginia House of Delegates that intersect Prince William County (from Election Map Products (pwcgov.org).

The 2nd District of the Virginia House of Delegates includes precincts at the eastern end of Prince William County. If you think you may be elgible to vote in this special election, scheduled for January 5, 2021, then check out Elections & Registration | pwcvotes.

What’s going on?

The seat is being vacated by Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, who announced Tuesday she is resigning to focus on her run for the Democratic nomination for governor.

UPDATED: Heather Mitchell is the GOP nominee for 2nd District House seat | Headlines | insidenova.com

Who is running to replace Delegate Foy?

Here are some of the news stories about the candidates.

Given the recent election with all the mail-in ballots, there will be one aspect to this special election that may surprise a few people. Because of the short timeline, there will be relatively few mail-in ballots. Hence, the victor will be decided by the turnout on election day.

If you care about how well our government is working and you can vote in this election, then please take the time to vote.

Additional References

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