Leave It to Beaver cast (L–R): Hugh Beaumont, Tony Dow, Barbara Billingsley and Jerry Mathers, circa 1959 (from Leave It to Beaver – Wikipedia)

The remote happened to land on one of the channels that airs vintage TV shows from another era. Dad’s new car and the tale of a broken headlight when Wally used it on a date was the episode showing on “Leave It To Beaver”. What a trip back in time that was!

The boys were dressed and groomed neatly, and so were their parents. June and Ward Cleaver behaved like parents, not bosom buddies of their sons. While they were good to the boys, they also had high expectations for them that the boys knew and respected. Boys will be boys and so were Wally and Beaver. However, they actually obeyed their mom and dad without arguing or trying to reason their way out. They feared the consequences of their misbehavior, too. And what was most noticeable was that when all was said and done, Beaver was able to figure out from the outcome how to prevent a similar occurrence from happening in the future. Logic and reason prevailed.

It’s true that “Leave It To Beaver” portrayed a middle-income family as the ideal American model to follow. But back then life really was similar to the TV sitcom of the day. Kids obeyed and respected authority whether parents, teachers, law enforcement or civil. It was peaceable and refreshing, free from gutter talk and cursing, anger and threats. And, adults did not fear children!

Because the story line that began in 1957 brought the brothers to graduation from middle and high school with the inevitable separation that Wally leaving for college would bring, the show ended in 1963. What a loss!

While dates sometimes seem coincidental, it is noteworthy that also in 1963 Madalyn Murray O’Hair won her case at the Supreme Court to strike prayer and Bible reading from public school life. And with them went American family life and “Beaver” behavior.

It didn’t happen suddenly. Rather, family values and moral behavior in our society eroded steadily, until in 1973 Roe v Wade legalized abortion. It feels now like the floodgates are wide open and every value we have held dear in our society is on the chopping block!

That being true, we must not throw in the towel, so to speak! Some things we must go along with. Others that go against moral principles that are Biblical and violate God we must resist. But, are we willing to resist? Are we so grounded and firm in what we believe is right and good that we are willing to put our life on the line to defend them? It’s easy to do right and well when everyone else is doing it, too. It takes a back bone of steel to stand for what is right when the world is opposed to you!

You can’t wait to take a stand until your back is against the wall. Learn the facts now. Do some research on the internet and see what the issues really are and decide what your position will be. Then study up, learn where your allies are and stay in the battle. It is a battle, folks. But, only fighters win!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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12 Responses to THE BEAVER OR US

  1. Doug says:

    Let’s keep in mind that “The Beav” was not allowed on British TV back in the day for… wait for it…. poor morality and discipline of children toward authority figures.
    Rather points out that morality, proper or otherwise, is in the mind of those who enjoy judging others.

    • Tom Salmon says:


      Enjoy judging others?

      • Doug says:

        Well, of course. Morality is entirely a judgement call. You can assign a kind and type of morality as part of a spiritual belief… but it’s still all about judgement of others.

        • Tom Salmon says:


          Next time someone steals or vandalizes your property, pops you along side the head or tells you they hate you just because they can, slanders or libel you, or violates the trust you have given them, tell them you don’t mind because morality is entirely a judgement call.

          • Doug says:

            Not sure what any of that means there. Tom. But more to the far greater point.. what is YOUR line in the sand regarding Trump’s idiocy? Haven’t reached it yet? Don’t worry… we will get there within a couple weeks.

          • Tom Salmon says:


            Have no idea what that has to do with this blog post.

            I think you are gloating. If you are right then I will benefit and you will incur no special benefit. So, you have nothing to gloat about. If you are wrong, however,…..

          • Doug says:

            It’s way past gloating, Tom. None of this is funny. Honestly.. to borrow the keyboard phrase… “Now is the time for all good men to come to the sir of their country.”

          • Tom Salmon says:


            You are misquoting Thomas Paine.

          • Doug says:

            Which is why I qualified it by saying it was a keyboard phrase. So.. if you were at the rally does that mean you were at the Capitol? Was that you in Pelozi’s chair?
            (Trust me, Tom.. I don’t believe that.)
            People around him are resigning.
            You think the mob that got inside the building are traitors? Not setting you up here.. just curious.

          • Tom Salmon says:


            If you want to discuss this topic further, check the latest post on my other blog.

            I listened to the Trump’s speech. As usual, Trump is being slandered and libeled by the so-called mainstream news media. If the Capitol police were not use to Conservative demonstrators behaving themselves, unarmed demonstrators would have never gotten into the building. As it is, I still don’t know how they bungled like that.

            I don’t what happened at the Capitol building. The crowd was huge. So, I guess some people either positioned themselves at the Capitol Building or at the leading edge of the crowd when the march to the Capitol started,

            Myself? I never got to the Capitol. Gave up because I had to get to my bus to leave. I saw police and soldiers running about, but I did not find out about the storming of the Capitol until my brother called, worried. I could not have been safer. I was out of DC before dark.

            Don’t blame Conservatives for DC being unsafe.

  2. Doug says:

    “sir”??? damn keyboard. “aid”.

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