We live in what we call the Information Age. Go on the Internet, and there is no shortage of opinion websites. Lots of them are run by our Liberal elites, and they busy themselves proving that anyone who disagrees with them is hateful. Those who style themselves as tolerant don’t seem to understand how to forbear with people who don’t share their beliefs.

Although Conservative/Christian websites may be relatively common, they tend to be small operations that lack big budgets. They rely upon us to spread the word of their existence. So, here are some links worth checking out. Most take you to posts dealing with a specific issue, but hopefully that information encourages you to look around. Also, keep in mind that these websites link with other sites that are also worth your time.

Given the increasing intolerance of the people who lead us, we can expect Big Tech to quietly take down many Conservative/Christian websites. In addition, some search engines, Google in particular, will not be helpful when we go looking for information that comes to us from a Conservative/Christian website. Even before the election, this website received almost no hits due to Google. Therefore, unless we all make a serious effort to support the people who support our values we find ourselves silenced.

Be brave and pray.

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