Just a reminder that if you haven’t yet entered your comments at the Town Hall web site concerning transgender privileges/mandates in our public schools, please do that. The open door to comment slams shut February 3!

Not sure what to do? The Family Foundation has gathered together all the information you need in one place. Click here, Transgender School Policy — The Family Foundation, Then figure out what you need to say, comment on the policy and encourage others to do likewise.


— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

Note from Tom: Here is The Family Foundation‘s latest post on this subject, Parental Rights Usurped By School “Transgender Guidelines” (familyfoundation.org)

I remember my first day of kindergarten as if it were yesterday. I got up super early that morning so my mom could put my hair in pigtails, and I put on a pretty red, white, and blue dress, white tights, and black patent leather shoes, which I anxiously picked out the night before with the help of my brother, Mark. Mark was 4 years older, and far wiser than I so I was certain he would know what I should wear to make a good first impression on my teacher and new friends. I was so nervous when I got to the bus stop, but I knew I’d be fine because Mark would make certain that I sat in the right seat on the bus and that I found my classroom when I got to Neabsco Elementary School in Dale City, Virginia. Within the first half hour of school, I had already made a new friend, Mendy Barrett. She had blonde hair and pigtails just like me, and we became fast friends. The rest of the day was a breeze, and I couldn’t wait to go back the next day. (continued)

Parental Rights Usurped By School “Transgender Guidelines” (familyfoundation.org)
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