A boy holding a trans pride flag (from Transgender youth – Wikipedia)

Whether we discuss transgenderism in Virginia schools or in our national military, one thing is certain. Transgenderism dominates the American landscape right now with no reversal in sight.

Wednesday, February 3, is the last day Virginians can comment on the policy draft drawn up by the Virginia Department of Education and posted for public comment at: Virginia Regulatory Town Hall View Comments. If adopted as written, school children can expect to share their once private bathrooms, showers and dressing rooms with students of the opposite biological gender. There will no longer be ‘right or wrong’ choices of facilities. That is why the Family Alliance solicits your comments if you haven’t posted them yet.

Children who espouse transgenderism (TG) do not know what lies ahead for them if they continue to pursue their inclinations. The Family Research Council (Biden: Fundamentally Trans-forming America ( cites findings the Rand Corporation made public after it researched TG in the military. While their study examined the incidence of TG and the medical costs involved, Rand also found that TG enlistees were eight times more likely to attempt suicide and nine times more likely to have mental health encounters. Obviously, those military subjects studied were post high school and considered adults.

What a bleak future for current TG students who continue to follow that path!! Reinforcing students’ transgender pursuits by approving their access to bath and shower rooms of their chosen gender only entrenches them on the route to depression and suicide. Why do that to our kids?

Why subject binary students to unsolicited exposure to students with opposite genitalia when, instead, schools can provide private toilet and shower facilities for TG students? Why the unprecedented drive to promote transgenderism in all levels of our society? Why undermine and destroy our social sense of propriety and modesty? Why challenge God who made humans male and female? How can leaders put such emphasis on something so unnatural as transgenderism?

Please post your comments at the link cited above by February 3. Thank you for taking a stand against transgenderism’s encroachment on our basic moral principles and practices!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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  1. Tom,
    The way I see things in our Democrat Republic, we have two choices now that the Dems are in power.
    1. Either we go go with the flow
    ‘Also, go with the tide. Move along with the prevailing forces, accept the prevailing trend, as in Rather than striking out in new directions,


    1. We do what you recommended, make Christians aware we now should focus on school choice or school vouchers to help our family understand there are different paths in life to follow.han to go with the flow. However, I just wrote a post paragraph on a different issue to discern issues we will now have to read or hear about in the news

    “Some people say let people do whatever they want, it’s their lives. Problem is in a socialized Nation; everyone must pay to treat drug addicts. While most won’t live long enough to obtain Social Security benefits, when you consider the cost of emergency room fees, anyone who pays taxes will pay to subsidize the costs to treat people who chooses to make foolish decisions during their relatively short lifetimes while visiting our planet.”

    Regads and goodwill blogging.


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