Here we have newborn baby on scale (from here). Due to abortion, many babies, however, are aborted. Can you picture our Lord putting the United States on the scales of His justice?

Ignorance is bliss. Bliss is often unrealistic and naïve. We can’t afford to be unaware and ignorant of what happens when an unborn baby is aborted. It is too ruthless to deny any longer.

When we talk about abortion, we know that an unborn child is killed and the mother’s body is freed of its cargo. Terms like ‘suction,’ ‘curette,’ and ‘does the baby feel pain?’ are familiar to us, but eventually that familiarity eases our urgency to make changes. It is difficult to envision what that baby endures while it is being disposed of…and what dangers exist to the mother who allows her baby to be murdered so brutally.

In a shockingly realistic video, Dr. Anthony Levatino, an OB-Gyn physician, explains that he performed 1200 abortions before realizing he was killing babies who could become an adoptable child. He goes on to illustrate and describe four abortion procedures covering the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. These include both chemical and surgical abortions. You can watch “Abortion Procedures at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimesters” at the following link:

Graphics are used throughout the video, so for the squeamish, there are no blood and guts depicted. However, the video still carries a serious impact as you see what REALLY happens when an abortion is conducted. You’ll never discuss abortion again without visuals coming to mind that you view here.

The audience for this video ought not be limited to adults. Teens should see it, also. As kids gain a clear understanding of what is involved when having an abortion, they will think twice before being careless with their sexuality. However, parents should view the video before deciding whether their younger children can view it.

Until our nation legally changes its stance on abortion, this horrible crime against humanity and God will continue. We must raise awareness about its cruelty to help change thinking and strengthen the drive to rid ourselves of this vicious, barbaric scourge on our national conscience.

If you want to know more about abortion and this video, please go to D & E Abortion Procedure | What You Need To Know (abortionprocedures.com).Thank you!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

Note from Tom: The content of the video is delivered without emotion. Therefore, if you are seriously considering an abortion, and you just want to understand what is involved, then the video is worth your time. Dr. Levatino’s does not make an emotional or religious argument against abortion. He just believes that once we understand what is involved it becomes difficult to go through with the procedure.

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