Consider what an authoritarian government looks like, Residents considering travel to China warned of forced organ harvesting (potomaclocal.com).

Falun Gong practitioners had their voices heard as they work to raise awareness of forced organ harvesting in China.

Two practitioners of Falun Gong–a religious movement founded in China in the 1990s and now banned by the country’s government, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spoke at the Prince William Board of County Supervisors on Tuesday.

Forced organ harvesting by the CCP continues to be a problem in China, and Falun Gong practitioners and Uighur Muslims are the victims of the CCP’s efforts to commit genocide.

The practice has led to instances of elderly U.S. residents traveling to China to get fast-tracked organ transplants.

“The terminally ill are told if they come to China, they don’t have to wait months for an organ transplant,” said Jim Gerigosian of Catharpin. “They just don’t tell us where the organs are coming from.” (continued)

Residents considering travel to China warned of forced organ harvesting (potomaclocal.com)

What does the practice of forced organ harvesting exhibit? It tells us something about the evil that people are capable of, even our own countrymen. Any American who would go to China for an organ transplant has to know where China gets those organs. However, even knowing does not stop some of us from making excuses and going to China for a kidney transplant.

Consider the China policies coming out of our nation’s capital.

Even the most cursory study of China would reveal that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the people who run China, are highly dangerous thugs. Yet the Biden Administration seem unable to figure out even that much. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration has already initiated over 50 executive actions.

Many of Biden’s executive actions, like requiring those who run female athletic competitions to accept gender confused males, don’t make any sense. They are just obvious payoffs to irrational and immoral constituencies.

Because of misplaced priorities and moral confusion, the Biden Administration worries about the wrong things, and it does the wrong things. Because of misplaced priorities and moral confusion, the Biden Administration cannot even figure out whether China is a threat.

Unfortunately, misplaced priorities and moral confusion now seems commonplace in our government. Look at our state government. Look at the bills our General Assembly is working on: Weekly Update: Liberals Killing Good Bills, Passing Pointless Ones! (familyfoundation.org). Our leaders don’t even seem to care whether what they are doing makes any sense. That is why The Family Foundation sent out an email alert related to two specific bills (see Action Alert: Government Inspectors Coming Into Your Private Home Next! (familyfoundation.org). Here is how it starts.

Victoria Cobb, President
Thursday, February 18, 2021

This week the House and Senate will be voting on two bills,  SB 1310 (D–McClellan) and HB 2032 (D-Gooditis), that could result in parents being sued for “sex discrimination” if they hire a woman over a man to take care of their young children as a babysitter or nanny in the home without them being there, or for “religious discrimination” if they specifically hire someone of their own faith as an in-home tutor, and even be subjected to in-home visits from the Health Department to conduct an inspection of the premises!

Click HERE to contact your Senator and Delegate to urge them to OPPOSE SB 1310 and HB 2032!

SB 1310 and HB 2032 create a new category of employee called a “domestic worker,” which includes anyone who is paid for the “performance of services of a household nature performed in or about a private home.” This would include: home companions, babysitters (other than family members, friends, or neighbors), a nanny to care for one’s children, tutors, in-home nurses, caretakers, home health aides, personal care aides, etc. (continued)

Action Alert: Government Inspectors Coming Into Your Private Home Next! (familyfoundation.org)

Do we really need these power mad busybodies so involved in our lives? When our glorious leaders cannot even figure out whether or not CCP dominated China represents a dangerous adversary, do we really want leaders of the same ilk telling us to the last discernable detail what is right and what is wrong? If you don’t think so, then do something about it.

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