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I copied the image above from the tweet below, but the caption above shows where you can get a higher resolution pdf file.

Why? What is the big deal about the graphic? Well I spotted it on this post, Get Bent, Ya Puritan! | See, there’s this thing called biology… ( The lady who wrote that post lives in the state of Washington, and she was not especially happy with that graphic.

Anyway, these graphics are being openly advocated for by our local health dept, brought into our school health clinic, and posted on facebook by the county website. Because who doesn’t want to explain to your 12 YEAR OLD what a rim job is? How to wear a dental dam during oral sex? The joys of juveniles and online sexting, the intriguing world of the deep web and pedophilia? BDSM, sex trafficking, pornography? How about snuff porn? Maybe we should talk about all the people who actually believe sex with children should just be deemed a lifestyle choice??

Get Bent, Ya Puritan! | See, there’s this thing called biology… (

Apparently, that graphic is getting around. If you don’t think keeping sex obsessed people away from children is important, then consider the latest polling data.

Generation Z may want to rebrand itself as Generation LGBT.

A new Gallup poll highlights a 15.9% LGBT identification rate among Gen Z adults between the ages of 18 and 23 in 2020, along with a widening gap between other generations going back to the 1940s.

“The vast majority of Generation Z adults who identify as LGBT — 72% — say they are bisexual,” Gallup reported Wednesday.

The poll, conducted throughout 2020, gleaned information from 15,000 participants. 

Results for LGBT identification broken down by generation include:

    • Gen Z (1997-2002): 15.9%
    • Millennials (1981- 1996): 9.1%
    • Gen X (1965-1980): 3.8%
    • Baby Boomers (1946-1964): 2.0%
    • Americans born before 1946: 1.3%

From LGBT identification among Gen Z at 16%; Gallup poll finds sharp rise since Gen X – Washington Times

Our sex is biological, innate, and immutable, but to a large extent, as this article explains, Gender Identity Development in Children –, we learn as children how to behave as a boy or a girl. If we learn properly as child, then our “gender identity” appropriately matches our biological sex. If the adults responsible for teaching children sow confusion, then children tend to be more confused.

Unfortunately, the people running our schools starting at the local level and going all the way up to the Federal level want to teach school children some very strange ideas about sex. The notion that we can transition from a man to a woman, for example, is just absurd. It is far easier and much healthier to accept the sex that we are born with than it is to change our sex. Therefore, no one should be encouraging children to think they can just arbitrarily pick their gender identity because of their “feelings.”

Can parents resist the LGBTQ “rights” movement and protect their children from these bad influences? That is, can parents resist the “culture” and government pressure? Probably. Check out Polls Hide Public Opposition to Transgender Ideology ( When our fellow citizens start thinking about these matters more seriously, it begins to dawn upon most of them just how absurd it is to treat “gender identity” more seriously than biological sex. Moreover, not many parents want their children’s teachers confusing their children about whether they are a boy or a girl.

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  2. insanity bytes and Tom

    Interesting post to address the issue of school and media influences to promote ideas about secular liberal sexual practices into the minds of youth in USA. Or in other words nurturing youth to believe concepts of t premarital and liberal views about sex are a result of nature when in fact their teachings are a form of nurturing youth to behave opposite their parents religious or cultural beliefs.

    What is most revealing is the rise in percentages by generation which shows how the media and school influence has promoted recent generations to increase in percentages over time?

    For example, population percentage on Citizen Tom’s Post of LGBT beliefs and sexual practices have increase over time.

     Gen Z (1997-2002): 15.9%
     Millennials (1981- 1996): 9.1%
     Gen X (1965-1980): 3.8%
     Baby Boomers (1946-1964): 2.0%
     Americans born before 1946:

    Now that the 2020 Supreme Court ruled the State laws to prevent State funds from being used to fund religious schools was not Constitutional, concerned religious parents and grandparents need to support t legislators who agree on school choice or school vouchers to be elected to return parents to take agency of what they want taught religious values liberal secular government mandates of subjects that are not what parents want their children to be introduced to believe is nature when in fact it is nurture.

    In my opinion, school choice or school vouchers is no longer an issue to be delayed to ignored in the USA

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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