Who’s Right about Whose Rights?

The Virginia Department of Education is plowing ahead with its mandate to open ALL facilities in our public schools to transgender (TG) students beginning this fall, 2021.

Early in 2020, Richmond legislators enacted a law that said our public schools must adopt and effect equal access for TG students. That includes wearing clothing of their chosen style, preferred name and pronouns of the TG students, and participation in activities appropriate to the chosen gender of the TG student. It also includes privacy concerning their gender identity in school records and/or changing the school records to reflect the change made by the TG student from birth gender to chosen gender. Included in those rights are the specific freedoms to permit without censure access to gender-delineated bathrooms, shower and locker rooms and/or changing facilities. It does not permit participation in sports of the TG’s chosen identity…yet

Citizens were given a month to express their opinions about the policy when it was posted at Virginia Regulatory Town Hall Home Page in January. According to Victoria Cobb, president of the Family Foundation in Richmond, over 9,000 individuals voiced their opposition to the TG school policy. She made that assertion in an interview with Don Kroah on WAVA-FM and included on Salem radio’s weekly compilation of their radio hosts’ salient news of concern, The Christian Outlook, April 10, 2021, https://christianoutlook.com/podcast/episode/7494/who-s-selling-who-on-social-media-and-the-future-o (discussion of The Family Foundation’s lawsuit starts at about 14 minutes into the program).

A final posting of the policy to be enforced and implemented by all Virginia school districts and school boards at the school year that begins in September, 2021, shows no changes that reflect the public’s opposition to the policy. Of dire concern is the mandate that TG students be given free access to bath, shower and changing rooms. In plain English that means that ‘boys with a vulva’ can walk into the boys’ room while guys are using the urinal. ‘Girls with a penis’ can walk in on girls changing their menstrual pads. How much more blatantly can it be said? What a shame that we must be so graphic to emphasize how shocking and unnatural this policy is!

Furthermore, if parents oppose their child’s declaration of gender identity, this school policy asserts they are violating their “children’s rights.” If teachers, staff or peers fail to use the correct pronouns or chosen name when interacting with a TG student, they can be subject to discipline.

In fact, Peter Vlaming, a Virginia high school French teacher, was fired for using an incorrect pronoun when addressing a TG student, as well as for not using ANY pronouns according to that student’s gender identity. The incident occurred at West Point High School, West Point, Virginia. Vlaming is suing the school officials and the school board, maintaining that using male pronouns would have violated his conscience and went against his religious beliefs. Instead, he addressed the student by his preferred name and avoided using pronouns altogether.

Such an incident occurred in 2018 before Virginia enacted the new mandate. According to the then school superintendent, “by failing to follow the directive, he was therefore discriminating and therefore creating a hostile environment” (Richmond teacher suing: Peter Vlaming, fired for refusing to use transgender student’s preferred male pronouns, now suing Virginia school. – CBS News).

The Family Alliance is not opposed to transgender students at all. What we do oppose is the infringement on the rights of all the other students in the school when TG students exercise their rights under the new law. Binary (male and female) students must retain their right to privacy and modesty when using the bathroom, showering, and changing clothes.

To satisfy the needs of TG students, The Alliance advocates for bathroom and shower/dressing accommodations for TG students that are private and do not cause anyone embarrassment.

The Alliance also opposes the policy because it infringes on the rights of parents to raise their children according to their values. The policy gives more control over their children to the government, thereby weakening the family bond and alienating children from their parents.

As we stated a year ago in our series on transgenderism, this policy is not the conclusion of the matter. Instead, it opens the door to allowing chemical castration of our kids, mutilation of their bodies when girls elect to have mastectomies to look more like boys, and worse than that! This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks!

You must attend school board meetings NOW, as its members wrestle with how to implement the policy within the walls of your kids’ schools! Voice your opinions and concerns. Contact your school board members individually and let them know where you stand.

Your silence going forward signals to the radicals that they can move forward unimpeded. Don’t let that be the case. Your kids do not need to be contaminated by such illogical thinking and practices including explicit sexual contact to this degree! Stand up for your children! It is the General Assembly that needs to change its policies, not our school boards who have handled this issue without trampling on anyone’s rights or privacy

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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H/T to Thomas Pafford, candidate for House Delegate for District #38, for campaigning on this issue. When the government is so involved in the education of our children, citizens must know where candidates stand on issues like this. We appreciate the fact the candidate took the time to notify us that he shares our concerns about the approval of Virginia Department of Education’s newly approved Transgender School Policy. If you vote in House of Delegates District 38, we recommend you find out where each of the candidates stand on this issue.

Note that our questionnaire (see ELECTION 2021: CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE FOR THE POTENTIAL NOMINEES | Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance (familyallianceonline.org)) ask candidates to clearly state their positions on numerous topics, including one that asks whether public schools should be required to permit students to use bathrooms and locker rooms assigned to those with whose gender they identify, rather than those of their biological sex. Please encourage candidates running in Prince William County to answer our questionnaire. We have a responsibility to find out their position on these issues.

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4 Responses to Who’s Right about Whose Rights?

  1. Tom,

    After reading a Harvard Law Professor Op-ed in the Chicago Tribune explain the numerous convoluted legalities about a fairly simple issue concerning male transgender Rights of participation in female sports, I wrote a post today titled: Morally Repugnant, Yet Legal.

    In my opinion, legislators, lawyers, parents, public school administrators, and school boards have convoluted the issue of transgender Rights into a circus of madness, folly, and just plain stupidity.


    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    • Tom Salmon says:


      Some people have minds that are more squirrelly than a squirrel. Here is their basic argument: “if someone wants to change their sex how does that harm you?” In fact, LGBTQ advocates insist that we applaud LGBTQ life choices. That’s their definition of tolerance.

      Well, if the definition of tolerating people who want to change their sex is applauding their behavior, their behavior most certainly sets a bad example for my children and grandchildren. Therefore, I am harmed.

      How does the behavior of a transgender person set a bad example? The behavior of the people who call themselves LGBTQ is irrational. Biological sex is real. Gender preference is an unachievable wish.

      Consider this prayer. https://www.beliefnet.com/prayers/protestant/addiction/serenity-prayer.aspx

      We cannot change our sex. Neither can we make sex mere entertainment without consequences. Fornication, whether it is heterosexual or homosexual, inevitably produces sorrow and regret. Hence, the people who demand we applaud the behavior of the LGBTQ crowd don’t care about LGBTQ people. Not caring — indifference towards our neighbors — is also a bad example for my children and grandchildren.

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