Who is the latest gubernatorial candidate willing to be up front with the voters? Delegate Kirk Cox!

Delegate Kirk Cox has provided his response to our questionnaire. Delegate Cox is seeking the Republican Party’s nomination to be governor of Virginia. Please thank Delegate Cox for being forthright about his position on the issues.

Here is where you can find the responses we have received from candidates who are running for statewide office, SURVEY RESPONSES FROM THE CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR, LT. GOVERNOR, AND ATTORNEY GENERAL IN THE 2021 ELECTION | Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance (familyallianceonline.org).

As of today, here is a list of the candidates for governor who have answered our questionnaire.

These gentlemen are among the leading candidates for governor, and they are leading by setting an important example. They are trusting the voters — that is you and I — to vote with discernment. They are trusting that voters can wisely discern the difference between a honest candidate and a pig in a poke.

Will you be participating in one of the Republican Party’s nominating conventions or a party primary election? Then you will be standing on the first line of our constitutional republic’s defenses. You will be among those most responsible for making certain we do our best to elect honorable men and women to lead us.

Don’t buy a pig in a poke! Please read our questionnaire and urge the candidates you are interested in voting for to answer and return our questionnaire. If you don’t know where your candidate stands on issues that matter to you, please strongly consider voting for somebody else.

Please choose honesty over duplicity. Please choose frank and forthright position statements over “nuanced” equivocations. Don’t buy a pig in a poke!

Also, please don’t let your family, friends and neighbors vote for a pig in a poke! Please send your family, friends and neighbors to our website, Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance (familyallianceonline.org).

As we get responses to our candidate questionnaire, we will post them. Here is an explanation of what we are trying to accomplish, ELECTION 2021: CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE FOR THE POTENTIAL NOMINEES | Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance (familyallianceonline.org).

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