A mother wishes joy towards her child in William Blake‘s poem “Infant Joy“. This copy, Copy AA, was printed and painted in 1826, is currently held by the Fitzwilliam Museum.

When an apartment superintendent found the bodies of new-born twin infants in a building courtyard last November, the public was appalled! (Community horrified by murder of newborn twins in a state where abortion is legal up to birth ( The boys had been violently murdered and citizens were horrified that such an awful crime could have been committed. So far, the mother of the children has not been identified.

The crime happened in the Bronx, New York. Ahem. Isn’t that the same state that legalized abortion right up to birth? Had the boys been murdered by an abortionist who sucked the brains out of their skulls and then extracted their bodies piece by piece, their deaths would have been legal and not been a newsworthy item. Or, if the twins were born alive after a botched abortion and allowed to die from neglect, they would have died unnoticed and uncelebrated by the public.

Instead, the mother, whoever she is, is considered a criminal of the worst ilk. We’re not excusing her in any way for what happened to her sons, assuming she is the one who perpetrated the crime. She even wrapped one boy’s umbilical cord around his throat. Both died horrific deaths.

What makes this double murder so unreasonable is that the abortionist, had he or she been the one to kill the boys, would get off scot free. Their mother will be charged with murder when she’s identified!

Our society has thrown off the constraints of absolutes. Such as “Thou shalt not kill.” The origin and source of absolutes is God! By and large, conservatives for decades stood back while legislation was enacted that violated the laws on which our nation was founded. We let someone else fight the battles—and obviously they lost time and again.

Now our nation is being torn apart by laws and practices that tear our consciences and appall our senses. It’s easy to cast blame on liberals. It absolves us of guilt. But election after past election many failed to vote at all or did not study what candidates really stood for or against. Piece by piece, the camel crept into the tent. Now that it occupies the whole tent, we rise up and shout “Unfair!”

What can we do now? Is there anything that will turn things around?

First and foremost, we need to repent of our complacency and satisfaction with the status quo when it mattered. We need to ask God for forgiveness and resolve to follow and obey His precepts, regardless of what others do or say.

Second, we need to vote in the coming election for candidates who are stringently committed to principles and moral values originated by God. We can’t be fence-sitters anymore.

Third, we must speak up at public meetings of our civic government and school boards. We need to stand for correct principles and oppose what violates them.

Fourth, we need to speak up to our neighbors and friends and spur them on to stand for goodness and righteousness, as well.

We still possess freedom of speech. Let’s use it to advantage before that, too, is stolen from us.

Take heed, reader! Midnight fast approaches.

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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