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On May 8th, Saturday, Republicans in Prince William County will be voting for their nominees for the Commonwealth of Virginia’s statewide offices: Governor, Lt Governor, and Attorney General (see 2021 State Convention Delegate Filing Form – PWCGOP). This post and the next two will provide some information for those of you who have filed to participate as a voting delegate. Today we will consider the Attorney General candidates. Tomorrow we look at the Lieutenant Governor candidates, and Friday we will look at the candidates for Governor.

Candidates for Attorney General of Virginia

Who are the candidates? Virginia Attorney General election, 2021 (May 8 Republican convention) – Ballotpedia and Elections: Attorney General ( provide lists.

Virginia Attorney General election, 2021 (May 8 Republican convention) – Ballotpedia briefly discribes the nomination process and provides biographical information on each of the candidates. In addition, you may find it worthwhile to read this link, Attorney General of Virginia – Ballotpedia, which describes the powers of the office and what the office holder is supposed to do.

Virginia Attorney General election, 2021 (May 8 Republican convention) – Ballotpedia also provides a link to articles on each of the candidates. These articles include links to all their social media sites.

Nevertheless, here are the names of the candidates and links to their campaign websites.

What does Elections: Attorney General ( provide? The focus here is who is financing each candidate’s run for office. Whether we like it or not, when someone runs for public office, they can be effectively in the pay of the people who finance their campaign. If a candidate gets a disproportionate amount of money from just one or two sources or occupational groups, that should definitely concern us.

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Voter Guides

The PWMFA did not send questionnaires to the candidates for Attorney General of Virginia.. However, we are happy to point out others who have surveyed the candidates.


Each candidate in his own way presents a very interesting choice. All appear to have more than adequate legal expertise. This is going to be a hard decision.

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