You see that picture above. That’s what voting at the Republican Party of Virginia unassembled convention looked like (see 2021 Nomination – Republican Party of Virginia). There were are couple of wrinkles, however.

  • Since the convention was unassembled, and the party only expected people to come vote once, the party decided to use ranked choice voting (2021 State Convention Voting Instructions ( So, the ballot looked a little unusual.
  • In Prince William County, voters could do both drive thru and in-person voting. However, before they could do either, they had to register as a delegate to vote, and before they got a ballot, they had to show a photo ID. Unlike the Republican Party of Virginia, the Virginia Commonwealth no longer requires a photo ID.

That said, the Republican Party of Virginia still made allowances for folks with difficult circumstances. The party still made arrangements for military personnel to vote and for people with religious objections to voting on Saturday to vote on the Friday before the convention.

So, what about the results? Well, the vote is still being counted. Thus far, we know Jason Miyares Wins Attorney General Nomination – Republican Party of Virginia. However, counting for the other two statewide offices has not yet been completed. To follow the results, click on 2021 Nomination – Republican Party of Virginia. Then check out these two links.

The first shows live video of people counting the votes. The second shows a tabulation of the results.

Thus far the tabulation process shows the wisdom of adopting ranked choice voting (2021 State Convention Voting Instructions ( Neither the Attorney General nominee nor the gubernatorial nominee would have won on the first round. Nevertheless, the winners will be acceptable candidates because the delegates indicated their choices if the primary choice, secondary choice, tertiary choice, and so forth were unable to garner a majority of support.

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