The Battle of Chickamauga, the highest two-day losses.
(from American Civil War – Wikipedia)

Most people don’t think of politics as a type of warfare, but politics is a type of warfare, albeit bloodless warfare in better times. Politics is information warfare. We define our causes, strive for and support our causes, and get our supporters to the polls to vote. Instead of contending for ground, we fight over who leads us. We fight over public policy, and we pray that the strife between us will not grow so heated we begin killing each other.

These times threaten to become less than better times. As the innumerable “racial justice” riots last summer and the riot at our Capitol indicate, some are growing increasingly angry. Why? Well, here is one reason. Instead of being taught HOW to think, our schools are teaching our children WHAT to think. What is the difference?

  • When we teach our children how to think, we show them how to gather and organize relevant information. Here the object is a functional, independent adult who has learned how to learn. Here we teach children how to process information, to look for patterns so that they can figure out for themselves them the meaning of the information available to them. We teach them not to jump to conclusions by showing them how to test their conclusions. We also teach them how make use of their conclusions. We work to instill within them the self-discipline to continue their education throughout their lives. We teach them that if they adopt a doctrine that they should adopt that doctrine based upon reason.
  • When we teach our children what to think, we instruct children in a doctrine (Doctrine | Definition of Doctrine by Merriam-Webster). Here the object is a dependent, overgrown child who has learned obedience to the “proper” authorities. Here we teach doctrines, an ideological system, that require them to support and obey the state. Instead of learning how to gather and organize information, we give children textbooks and audiovisual media which support the dominant political party’s ideological system. Here we instill a fear of thinking for ourselves. Here we teach children the fear of being different. Here we teach children to ostracize anyone who does not uphold that which is politically correct. Here we teach children to shame anyone who believes something different.

Is the difference between teaching our children to think for themselves and doctrinal instruction that requires obedience to the state worth fighting over? Worthy of violence? Yes. Why? For the sake of our eternal salvation — for the sake our children’s salvation — we need to believe what we believe BECAUSE IT IS TRUE, not just because we fear being shamed if we believe anything other than what we have been taught to believe.

Hence, consider the articles listed below from the perspective of teaching how to think instead of what to think.

First, what is going on in Loudoun County with respect to its public schools?

Note that a black mom is speaking out against Critical Race Theory. Why? Listen to her. She understands the difference between thinking for herself and being taught what to think. So, she has joined the ranks of fighters. She is fighting for her children.

Here is Fightforschools‘ first information salvo.

What about Prince William County? Will our school board focus on teaching children how or what to think? The Loudoun County School Board is having trouble hiding its goals. Does that mean the Prince William County School Board won’t resort to deception?

Well, we must not forget that what our school board calls whatever doctrine they want to teach our children is not important. What is important is whether they actually teach our children how to think or what to think.


Because of COVID-19, parents in Prince William County have focused upon getting back in schools. Even that, however, is problematic because our governor has yet to relax the six-foot rule, Governor asked to ease coronavirus restrictions in time for high school graduations ( Nevertheless, what our schools actually teach our children is more important than there actually being in school. Since Critical Race Theory is just one vile doctrine that our schools could be teaching our children, we all need to carefully examine the educational goals of our schools and the content of instruction. We need to weed out the indoctrination and force our schools to focus upon giving our children the tools they need to learn how to think for themselves.

Would you like to help us? Check out Take A Stand | Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance (

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  2. Tom,

    Frankly, when I first read your post and use of the word war to describe what is occurring in your State, I thought the word war and fighting over political differences was perhaps too extreme.

    However, I later read a Chicago Tribune article of what politicians are now proposing in Illinois which is in essence a revenge quest for power to control private religious schools.

    Your following statement and use of war is spot on in my view.

    “Is the difference between teaching our children to think for themselves and doctrinal instruction that requires obedience to the state worth fighting over? “

    That is because this same war has been in existence and described 2000 years ago in this verse,

    “Then touched he their eyes, saying, according to your faith be it unto you.” (Matthew 9:29)

    Christians need their eyes touched to wake up and wise up to see the same war of power over our minds and our children is and always has been, and always will be in exitance by those who eyes have never been touched by Christ.

    We Christians need to open our eyes to see what is taking place in our Nation.

    In my opinion, school choice or school vouchers is the best way to win the war for our children and grandchildren’s future which was in the sight of our Nation founders when they wrote the First Amendment.

    If interested, read my last question about an ulterior motive and discern if it is the same war in our contemporary times as it has been and will be for every new generations.

    And if so, what happens to future generations who lose the war of words and minds of children as evidenced in history.

    Sadly, it is war with bullets and bombs?

    Teachers Union’s Revenge or …? King Solomon Blog – Rudy u Martinka (

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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