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When anyone asks, of course, we say there is nothing more important than how we educate our children. But words are cheap. Most of us don’t give the education of children much thought. We may even have a rather naïve notion about school. Supposedly, a good school is where some smart, dedicated person pumps the 3 R’s — reading, writing, and arithmetic — into a child’s brain. Does not work that way.

It takes considerable effort to educate children. Parents, teachers, and the community have to work together to create a safe and healthy environment, agree upon what the children need to learn and how children should be taught, provide funding, hire trusted teachers, and so forth. All that doesn’t just happen, and we can’t just leave it to the “experts.” Unfortunately, in our busy world, most parents and grandparents think they have done their job if they pay taxes, and they are proud of themselves if they participate in the election of school board members. Whether they can tell you anything about who they voted for is doubtful.

As the result of this ridiculous neglect, the people running our schools often have an agenda that would horrify parents, if they knew anything about it. In fact, it should horrify parents that it is not even clear who is in charge of our public schools.

Funding comes from three sources.

  • Local governments.
  • State governments.
  • The Federal Government.

Each level of government provides money with all kinds of strings attached. In fact, even though we may like to think our school board is in charge of our local public schools, each level of government, local, state, and Federal, all provide a plentitude of directives. Therefore, four different committees have a role in running our public schools: the school board, the city council or county board, the state legislature, and Congress.

What are all these committees interested in? The education of our children? Or rewarding campaign donors with all the money we spend on government-run schools? If these committee members care about the children, why would the create such a cumbersome mess to manage their education?

When everyone is in charge, who is in charge? Nobody? Isn’t that the general rule? When nobody in charge, we have a power vacuum. Inevitably, when there is a vacuum, something or someone fills the vacuum. In many cases radicals have filled the power vacuums we have left in our public schools. Here is an example from a nearby county.

It seems like a story in the “Free Beacon” — Breaking News, Politics, National Security kicked things off.

Maryland’s Montgomery County Public Schools district is requesting a “systemwide anti-racist audit” to determine whether it is doing enough to help students “resist systems of oppression.”

According to a “request for proposal” document obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, the school district is looking for a consultant “with deep knowledge and expertise in … racial equity” to examine the school district’s culture, hiring practices, and pre-K-12 curriculum. The document requests that consultants investigate whether the district’s curriculum “strengthens students’ sense of racial, ethnic, and tribal identities, helps students understand and resist systems of oppression, and empower students to see themselves as change agents.” It also asks if the district is taking a sufficiently “proactive approach” to issues of implicit bias, even though the racial makeup of the district is majority minority.

Maryland School District Requests ‘Anti-Racist Audit’ to Help Students ‘Resist Systems of Oppression’ – Washington Free Beacon

It seems that whoever is running the schools in Montgomery county is determined to make children race conscious (versus indifferent to race because it is not important).

Why was this audit a priority during the pandemic when the problem was getting children back into school? Perhaps this is the answer. At about the same time, guess who was suing.

A group of parents filed a lawsuit Tuesday alleging that the public school system in Montgomery County, Maryland, discriminates against Asian American students in the admissions process for gifted and talented programs.

The group of mostly Asian American parents, organized as the Association for Education Fairness, is asking a federal court in Maryland to find that changes to the admissions process violate the Constitution’s equal protection clause and to prohibit continued enforcement of the changes.

Parents Sue Schools for Discriminating Against High-Achieving Asian Kids (

Did someone think Asians were exceeding their quotas? When Asians objected to quotas, we need a study to back up their conclusion? Well, studies are not cheap.

The Montgomery County Public School district in Maryland spent more than $450,000 on an “anti-racist audit” for the 2020-21 school year, which resulted in the district tentatively adopting policies that push “anti-racist thinking” in preschool.

According to a copy of the school district’s “tentative action policy” obtained by The Daily Wire, the district will now provide a “culturally responsive Prekindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum that promotes equity, respect, anti-racist thinking, and civility.” The curriculum will also teach students that “the impact of racism on mental health has been deemed a public health crisis.”

The school district, which is one of the largest in the nation, announced in November that it would partner with the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium for $454,680 to conduct an “anti-racist audit.” The audit was designed to “examine [the district’s] systems, practices, and policies that do not create access, opportunities, and equitable outcomes for every student’s academic and social emotional well-being.” According to Bethesda Magazine, the contract was awarded despite anticipated budget cuts of up to $155 million.

School District in Maryland Announces Plan to Push ‘Anti-Racist’ Thinking in Preschool (

Money is in short supply. So, the school board spends almost half of a million on a study? What is driving this nonsense? Well, someone tried to find out. Judicial Watch did a Maryland Public Information Act Request.

The documents, obtained under the Maryland Public Information Act, reveal that students of “Maryland’s Largest School District” who attended Thomas Pyle Middle School’s social justice class were taught that the phrase “Make America Great Again” was an example of “covert white supremacy.” The phrase is ranked on a pyramid just below “lynching,” “hate crimes,” “the N-word” and “racial slurs.” They were also taught that “white privilege” means being favored by school authorities and having a positive relationship with the police.

Additionally, the documents show that Montgomery County Public Schools allocated over $454,000 for an “Anti-racist system audit” by The Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, a company that claims that their “expertise in using intersectionality as part of its theory of change makes us uniquely positioned to conduct the Anti-Racist Audit and mitigate the root causes of systemic barriers.”

Judicial Watch: Montgomery County Public Schools Spent $454,000 on ‘Anti-racist System Audit’ | Judicial Watch

Read Judicial Watch: Montgomery County Public Schools Spent $454,000 on ‘Anti-racist System Audit’ | Judicial Watch. It is eye opening.

The additional references below include a couple of encyclopedia articles. When government runs our schools, we risk the regime in power using our schools to instill objectionable political/religious beliefs in our children. That includes indoctrinating our children that they must be wholly obedient to the regime.

Slavery is old because as children we can be taught to accept the condition of slavery. If we don’t want our children TAUGHT to be slaves, we must fight to make certain that they receive a proper education.

Additional References

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  1. Tom,

    I have come to the conclusion that the public schools’ systems have become so political and cash cows for politicians and School teachers unions, , that trying to change or control them is a hopeless task.

    The best option for parents is to elect legislators to support school choice or school vouchers to allow parents to afford to send their kids to private religious schools. The 2020 Supreme Court ruling to abolish the Blaine Amendments by States was ruled unconstitutional.

    Sadly, so many parents never attended a private religious school themselves and have no idea of how the religious curriculum based on the wisdom and love in the Bible will benefit their children in life.’

    And for some reason, the news medial is silent on this issue.’

    In other words, the school curriculum in religious schools is more beneficial than in public schools not only in my opinion, but in the opinion of most psychologists, teachers, and even government legislators of whom 40 percent of public-school teachers send their kids and most legislators do the same..

    We need Christians to move on this soon because more and more private religious schools in urban areas are closing because parents cannot afford to pay two tuitions in our contemporary times. One tuition in the form of taxes to fund public schools, the largest cost item in every community, and one to fund private schools if they can afford to send their children.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    • Tom Salmon says:


      Totally agree. In fact, even if parents chose to send their children to private schools that did not bill themselves as Christian schools they would be better off. Since the public schools are funded by politicians who can be bought by political donors, they are not responsive to parents.

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