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What Organizations Are Out There We Can Join?

The battles to take back our public schools continue, and the war will be a long one. There is no quick way dig out the entrenched special interests who have taken over our schools. Individually, there is little we can do. We must seek allies, and we must work with others to overcome the opposition.

What is the big issue of the moment? Critical Race Theory (CRT). Of course, we have to be wary of the accusation that opposing anti-racism or nonsense like CRT is racist. Consider this excerpt from this column in The Washington Post.

Conservatives complain that the Loudoun equity project draws, in part, on some concepts from the academic framework known as “critical race theory.” It asserts, among other things, that racism is the product of systems, not individuals, and therefore is interwoven into daily life and history in America.

As a result, the conservatives say, Loudoun teachers are trying to indoctrinate students to believe that all Whites are racist, or to despise the United States for its history of mistreatment of Blacks and other minorities.

But there are few examples from the classroom to back up such exaggerated concern.

Loudoun County schools meeting: We can’t fight racism if Whites see any remedy as a threat and an insult – The Washington Post

Why are there few examples? That is because students don’t take a course named “Critical Race Theory.” Instead, the radicals spread and embed their philosophies throughout the curriculum. The radicals admit as much. Consider an excerpt from the last part of that same Washington Post article.

The dispute is not going away. Loudoun schools are making plans to teach more material about the history of racial minorities. That’s in accordance with a state law passed in 2020 and sponsored by Loudoun state Sen. Jennifer B. Boysko (D).

“If you look at the curriculum in the schools, it is primarily from an Anglo-American perspective,” Boysko said. “With so many people coming from Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, it’s important that we help students understand the stories and the plights of all people who live in the United States.”

Loudoun County schools meeting: We can’t fight racism if Whites see any remedy as a threat and an insult – The Washington Post.

Is the immersion of children in a hyper-racially sensitive environment effective training? Of course, it is. Consider a minor, seemingly harmless example.

Gar-Field High School will retire its “Indians” mascot at the end of this school year at the request of student leaders who have called on the school to make the change “to promote a culture of respect and expand understanding for all,” Principal Matthew Mathison said Monday.

In a letter to the Gar-Field High School community, Mathison noted that both students and alumni are “very proud” of their school and its many traditions and athletic achievements. Mathison said it’s also important to note “that the intent of Gar-Field High School has never been to disrespect or disparage Native Americans or their cultures.”

Gar-Field High School to drop its ‘Indians’ mascot next school year | News | princewilliamtimes.com

So, the children of Gar-Field High School now have a new name for their mascot, Gar-Field High School Changes Mascot to Red Wolves | Woodbridge, VA Patch.

Is it not nice for the children of Gar-Field High School to be soooooo hyper-racially sensitive? Not really. Think about these names: Vikings, Raiders, Pirates, Warriors, Patriots, Saints, Buccaneers, Gladiators. Bombers, and so forth. Who names their team to insult Vikings, Raiders, Pirates, and so forth? When a team is named after a group of people, isn’t the point to indicate that the team will compete heartily for victory by honoring the example of those who have already done so? Thus, sports teams named after American Indians honor the bravery, the battle skills, ingenuity, and perseverance of Indian warriors. Whatever the intent, banning such names dishonors those of Indian heritage.

So, why would the children at Gar-Field High School change the name of their mascot? Well, it is a cinch that without the encouragement of an ideologically driven school board, school teachers and school administrators, the children at Gar-Field High School would have found something better to do than change the name of their mascot.

Meanwhile, parents are on the warpath in neighboring Loudoun County.

What about the parents in Prince William County? Maybe it is time to start organizing. In addition to the Prince William – Manassas Family Alliance, there are some other organizations concerned parents can join that are focused on the family and education issues. Here is the start of list.

Note that when we participate in and/or give our money to any organization (or candidate), we need to do a little investigating. Established organizations may be safer. New organizations, however, may for the moment be more effective (or at least seem to be) because they are focused on a hot issue. What we need to keep in mind is that CRT is part of a much larger problem. We have turned the education of our children over to government officials, and we have not paid much attention to what those government officials have been doing. People have been complaining about this for decades. Unfortunately, only now, because of the shutdown of the schools because of the pandemic and the sheer craziness of CRT, are large numbers of people paying attention.

Also note that participating in one (and making your views known) of the major political parties is also a good idea. The political parties exist to nominate people to office and to get them elected. Elected officials set policy, make law, and spend the public’s money. Therefore, it pays to get the candidates who most agree with our own views nominated and then elected. However, to overcome the special interests that means ordinary citizens must get involved and TAKE OVER THE PARTY. That is the sort of struggle that makes for long wars.

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    In my opinion, best quick and long-term fix is school choice instead of endless debates with government school board educrats and politicians.

    If interested, read how a Chicago Tribune columnist compared hopelessness of school children to crumbling infrastructure in our Nation.



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