Detail from the Prodigal Son window, St Mary’s, Lanark: six episodes from the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Here he “fain would fill his belly with the husks that the swine did eat”.
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Since the parable of The Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32 NASB – The Prodigal Son – Bible Gateway) is an old favorite, I won’t repeat it here, but I will focus on one line.

Luke 15:17 New American Standard Bible

17 But when he came to his senses, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired laborers have more than enough bread, but I am dying here from hunger!

When we sin, we lie to ourselves. We convince ourselves that what seems to be the easy way out is better than doing what we know we should do. If we are fortunate, however, our Father in Heaven will allow us to suffer the consequences of our foolishness. If we are fortunate, we will come to our senses and realize how foolish we have been and repent.

God works through each of us. When we are blessed, He uses us as Godly parents to grow Godly children. So, consider some of what Robert Knight has to say about the importance of Godly fathers to strong families.

The idea of sacrificial love has been under attack since the 1960s, when the “counterculture” told us to concentrate on our own happiness, even at the expense of others. The Me Generation absorbed this lesson and went on to create a society in which sacrifice was for losers, not the hip, cool, with-it people.

Popular culture was chockful of TV shows and movies that made fathers out to be dim-witted suckers. There are far more Fred Flintstones or “Family Guys” than Andy Griffiths. And we still have Homer Simpson, whose childish persona is tempered by his sensible wife Marge and even his daughter Lisa. On the up side, Homer often puts his family first, and phoniness is always smacked down.

After a couple of generations of cultural messaging that kids know better than their dads, we’re reaping the whirlwind, including a drift away from America’s Christian roots.

The same forces that urged us to look inward for inspiration instead of toward a loving Father God are telling us that we no longer need God at all, just state-run education and a bigger, more centralized government to take care of everyone. See the $6 trillion Biden spending spree for details.

Strong fathers desperately needed to steer families back toward personal responsibility – Washington Times

Too many of those we have elected want to strengthen the power of government. Too many of our fellow citizens have made government their god. What does that mean? That means limiting the institutions they consider competitors: churches, private businesses, private charities, and families. Advocates of big government hate strong families. Strong families, more than any other institution, help children build the character to resist the tyranny of sin. Loving, sacrificial parents, more than anyone else, fight to protect their children.

For decades too many parents have just delivered their children to the public schools and expected strangers to properly educate their children. For decades parents have trusted people almost nobody says they trust, politicians, to run the system that educates their children. Why? Because everyone does it? Because public education is “free”? Because we vote for politicians?

Well, the education provided by our public school system has gotten worse and worse. Instead of teaching children how to think and providing them the tools they need to learn, “our” public school system has more and more focused upon teaching children what to think. Fortunately, word has gotten out, and more and more parents now realize that those favoring public school indoctrination have intentions that are evil.

Where is ground zero for the movement to resist this sort of educational abuse? Loudoun County. Here are some links to the latest articles.

Why did the Loudoun County School Board abruptly decide to end the meeting? It is a good bet that they did not want to hear what the parents had to say. If the School Board and the crowd had been in accord, and the crowd had made just as much noise, does anyone seriously believe School Board would have stopped the meeting? The crowd was not that unruly.

Note that 105.9 FM – Where Washington Comes To Talk | WMAL-FM is covering the story. O’Connor & Company ( So tune in and listen.

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