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What follows is compilation of what I wrote to my senators and my congressman on the subject of inflation. Since some of these guys are better than others, I was not equally harsh. This tends to be the harsh version.

Dear Senator Soandso or Congressman Soandso,

GREEDY. LUSTFUL FOR POWER. BUSYBODY. HAUGHTY. DUPLICITOUS. SPENDTHRIFT. PRODIGAL. FOOLISH. EXTREME. GLUTTONOUS. RADICAL. These are some of the words that describe the taxing and spending policies coming out of Congress. RESPONSIBLE. RESTRAINED. THOUGHTFUL. PRACTICAL. FRUGAL. JUDICIOUS. These words don’t even come close.

Do you consider it your job to tax us and spend as much of our money as you can? I hope not! Is your job to print money and spend it before we the people realize it is worthless? I hope not, but where is the evidence you don’t.

Unfortunately, Congress has been becoming more and more spendthrift for decades, and this latest Congress, with the help of our president (who pretends he is a “moderate”) is now almost out of control. If you guys were in the pockets of the Chinese Communist Party and trying to wreck our economy, what would you be doing differently? Balancing the budget? Well, you are not doing that.

Do we need massive spending bills using COVID-19 as an excuse? No. Do we need massive spending bills where congressmen pretend almost anything they want to spend money on is infrastructure spending? No. So, why is Congress, Democrats in particular, trying to spend so much money? GRAFT. CRONYISM. PORK. FRAUD. PILLAGING. THEFT. EMBEZZLEMENT. These words help to describe possible motives.

Doesn’t Congress have procedures for establishing budget priorities and for putting together spending bills based upon those priorities? With the specter of runaway inflation looming before us, don’t you think it is time to restore public confidence by demonstrating a little commonsense? Stop trying to buy our votes. Stop giving our money to your friends. The world is too dangerous for reckless spending. If you insist upon stealing, God will punish you.

Don’t you care about your own children and grandchildren? Then please work harder to make the budget process work in Congress. It has worked before. It can be made to work again, and we can all leave our children a strong country with a government that protects their rights and provides them the opportunity to make a decent living.

Note that the news media and our politicians tend to play down inflation. Why? The big guys use the inflation of our currency to rob us. The politicians and their cronies get to spend the money they spend before that money loses value due to inflation. Effectively, inflation is a hidden tax. See:

Please take the time to write your senators and your congressman. When they hear from us, if nothing else they think twice before doing something foolish, and sometimes people do heed those second thoughts.

You can find their contact information here.

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